Sunday, December 17, 2023

Edouard Black's Blacksmith Shop and Home

I am Edouard Black, welcome to my smithy and home. I’m pleased to have your custom. My Aunt Cecelia Alyce graciously gave her aid to build my forge and thus gave me my start in life once I achieved my mastery in smithing.

It may be humble, but it serves my wife and I well. Aunt Cecelia planted a cutting from her own apple tree so that we might enjoy fresh fruit and with the village well close by we want for nearly nothing.  We suffered from mice for a time but a couple of kittens from my aunt’s wonderful mousers look to have that problem solved.  Thus all our winter stores of food are secure in their jars and chests.

We recently were blessed with a daughter and Aunt Cecelia has promised to take her under her wing and teach her to spin and weave once she’s old enough. For now we all sleep together in our cozy upper room secure knowing that the thick door with our family sigil and stone walls keep us safe.

Those are my four submission pictures.

And here are a few more with extra details.

At some point I'll put up another post with the sources for all the things in the build that I wasn't able to make. 

For now though, I'm going to try and get caught up on my blog reading. I'm really behind!

Hope everyone is having a happy Holiday season!


  1. Wow, Sheila, you have done a fabulous job. Such a great build. It looks so authentic, I love the little details here and there but my favourite is the fire, it´s great! I wish you the best luck for the contest. I won´t be surprise if you win one of the top prices, you deserve it.

  2. It is a fantastic project. I, personally give it first prize. I love all the details but most of all I love the story. You've done a marvelous job.
    Good luck!
    Merry Christmas and a hug,


  3. Un gran trabajo , me encanta todo el , pero el acabado me parece fantástico. Me parece increíble que en tan poco espacio hayas metido tantos detalles preciosos, la cama me ha enamorado. Feliz Navidad

  4. Congratulations Sheila, on another wonderful imaginative competition entry! The Tudor era building is just beautifully done! You have thought of everything... and made most of it by hand!!! I am always so impressed that you can work on such a time deadline and achieve great results! The period details are awesome and the forge is especially interesting and unique! I like the dragon theme and the "elvish" tree on the door and the cupboard bed is so comfy looking! There are so many wonderful details I just can't list them all! I hope you can enjoy just lighting the lights and watching the fires glow! Happy Holidays! :):)

  5. Best of luck Sheila! It is a fantastic build with so much great detail. I also hope you have a lovely holiday.

  6. ¡Cada detalle interior y exterior es fantástico !
    ¡Fiestas Fiestas!

  7. I'm behind with visiting the blogs too. I entered here and I was shocked - you finished it! Wow, just wow! It looks so absolutel gorgeous. Every detail! I will try to find some time and visit previous posts too to catch up with everything.

    This is another masterpiece, that's for sure.


    And I wish you a Happy New Year! <3

  8. Wow, its a great project. I love all of the dragons - great architecture too!