Saturday, May 3, 2014

Long Time No See

Which is Hǎojiǔ bújiàn! in Mandarin.  Yes. I'm a nerd.  I know weird things.  I am a font of random useless facts and odd poetry quotes.

I think we all know that by now so lets move on. 

So a lot has been accomplished with the dollhouse and I've just been lazy and haven't blogged about it.  So what we'll have here is a lot of pictures.  I hope you like pictures because I don't have a lot of anything else for you.

Sorry, I'm allergy/sick and tired and I'm feeling snippy. 

On the plus side you all benefit from my lack of creativity because I normally would spend this time writing.  After this post I intend to do some cleaning and get my brain working again.  I'll show you why tomorrow. I think.  We'll see.

So last time I was showing you the dining room and the hallway/entryway.  Still feeling pretty pleased with those.

I think this time we'll look at the parlor/living room.  Did they call it a parlor in Victorian times?  Oh, and I mentioned last time that there were no curtains yet?  That's through out the house folks.  These dolls are remaining fully clothed at all times.  Don't want to alarm the neighbors. (Or my strange calico who remains fascinated by dollhouse doings.)

We're all set up for coffee and cake.
Here's a few more from different angles to show off different things.

Don't be fooled.  Those cakes aren't edible.  And those pictures?  They like to leap off the wall.  That's right folks.  I have the only dollhouse in the world with its own poltergeist.
And yet another angle.

So the upright piano/organ is a music box from my grandmother.  It still works.  The lamp is battery operated.  Looks pretty when its dark.
Here's a shot of the other corner, I figured they'd need a little mini bar for when the men are around.  Or the women get fed up with the men and want something stronger in their coffee.

The little leaves will actually flip up and stay that way to make it larger.  And I fell in love with the little bric a brac holder in the corner.  And look! I figured out how to fill in the door space with the marble floors!
Here's an angle from above.  I love the drink set. It's this fancy Reutter Porcelain set like a lot of the stuff I got for the house and its just gorgeous.  The liquid in the bottles is real! 

And You can see my knick knacks and the pretty ship picture that was one of the first things I bought for the house.  Still love how it looks.
And the last part of the first floor is the Kitchen.  I spent a lot of time on it and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

So I think my favorite is the flagstone floors.  Table, chairs, sink(w/pump) and icebox are from my Grandmother.
The one thing I loved that made it look more like a kitchen were the little shelves that hang on the walls. 

You have to be careful with the little hooks but I loved using them.  The pot roast, potatoes and carrots are made out of air drying clay and enamel paint when I was about sixteen(?).  Got the teapot at the same time.  Stove was purchased from
So the pie you can see in the lower right hand corner?  I made that with a bottlecap and more air drying clay.  I went through a whole 'make food' phase.  It was a well stocked kitchen.  I confess to purchasing the butter and milk at the hobby store though.

Here you can sort of see my colander in the sink along with the little cups on the hooks and pretty silver canisters.  I was worried they'd be too heavy but it's held up nicely.

 The vegetable basket, salad and sack of potatoes have been with me since my grandmother's dollhouse.  As well as all the canned goods you can sort of see on the shelves.

See?  It looks so bare without those shelves on the walls.  I'm unreasonably happy with the placement of the cookie jar though.  It has cookies in it and it has to be high enough to stay out of reach.  There's a child in the house after all!

And...moving on upstairs.  Mind your feet and hang onto the railing, its there for a reason folks.  We have the upstairs hallway. 

The rug is one of the first things I bought for the dollhouse. 
The bureau is a handmedown from my boss (Thanks Denise!) and the book/magazine on top of it is the Sears & Roebuck catalog.  It's readable too, provided you have a magnifying glass.  The lamps work on batteries and the doors you can see lead to the bathroom and the library/study respectively.

Soo... There we have it.  I'm going to check this, post it and then...get started on the next post.  That way I won't throw too much at you all at once. 

Hopefully another post tomorrow if all goes well.  Hugs, kisses, good night and good luck.

Oh, and one last picture, of the aforementioned crazy calico. 

Mommy, this porch isn't big enough for me.  Start over.


  1. Peggy Imgrund WestMay 3, 2014 at 6:23 PM

    It's looking beautiful! Amazing work!

    1. Thanks! I wrote a couple more posts so I need to remember and put them up in the next couple days.