Sunday, May 4, 2014

And... Yeah. I Got Nothin'

Well nothing particularly witty.  I could tell you how to say some more stuff in Mandarin.  Or in keeping with the time of year that gato is cat in Spanish.

But I'm still the sicky.  And I want to be lazy and watch The Princess Bride.  But that isn't happening yet.  Lots more to do.  So lets get on with it shall we?

We ended in the second floor hallway last time, and you could see the doors to the study/library and the bathroom. 

Let's appreciate the marvel that is Victorian plumbing shall we?  Hey did you know that they weren't normally on the second floor at all?  That's a modern thing.  In Victorian times the bathroom was generally off of the kitchen at the back of the house.  Sort of added on to the house as people got more money and more modern plumbing.  And when people began to build new they started to figure out how to put them upstairs.

See?  I warned you that I was a font of useless information yesterday.  Did you listen?  Apparently not because here you are.

So on to the dollhouse bathroom, however inaccurately located.

You can sort of see the tile design in this one.  It's a bit dim but the flash shine shows it off a bit.  Can you tell its octagon?
So the idea was I didn't want an all white room and I wanted it to be nice looking.  So I used scrap book paper in a smoke blue with a woven texture to it along with the tile for the floors and below the mahogany border.  Then I added the baseboards and the trim along the ceiling. 

It's funny, but its one of my favorite rooms in the house.  It just came out so nicely.  So here we are with furniture.

Plastic floors go on with hot glue and sometimes it gets a little wonky.  Burnt fingers anyone?  But the tub and toilet look good.  We've even got soap, a sponge and toilet paper
I got the towels on ebay and the accessories are all Reutter Porcelain again.  I love the little shelf with the bottles on it and the soap dish on the sink.

Of course the mirror has my thumbprints on it.  Mr. & Mrs. Doll won't be pleased. 
And as I put it all together I couldn't figure out why the room looked a little bare.  I really had to think and then I remembered.  Duh.

First I'd forgotten the stove.  It'd be very cold without it.  And second...the Siamese cat to roll around on the floor.  Mine does this.  A LOT!
All I need is a couple of little rugs and a few more touches and it'll be done.  So...a little more to do.  But not looking too bad.

And... you can't tell but there was about two hours between me writing the above and me continuing to write the post.  So I did a few more things and got some more pics.  I think the bathroom looks slightly more finished now.  Too cluttered? You tell me.

So some jars with bath salts that I made, a couple of little rugs... I think the cat looks happier don't you?
A couple more pictures with different angles.  So the dark blue jars were charms from the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby, just removed the little hooks.  And the bath salts are blue topaz and pink quartz shards from my jewelry making supplies.  I purchased the jars empty and filled them up.  The lids are glued down now.

Now Mrs. Doll can have a relaxing bath. Right? 
And a view of the sink and the rug.

I turned on the light. Can you tell?  I love how that wall sconce looks.  So Pretty!!!

So we go down the hall...Towards the library.  Or Study.  Man Cave?  Anyway.  Have to show you the railings...because the Husband was very impressed. 

It took a little time for me to figure out how to do this. But it doesn't look bad. 
 But, to the library we go.  Mr. Doll's last resort to get some time to himself. You know.  Have some cognac, smoke a cigar.  Read Edgar Allen Poe...

Pretend he's going to take a trip around the world by spinning the globe.
The above was one of my in progress pics.  But it shows the globe and his big chair very nicely.  Here's a slightly different perspective.  I had fun filling up the bookshelves.

The shelf under the Malachite rock is Edgar Allen Poe.
I thought it would be cool to have shells and exotic geological specimens on the shelves.  And some of the little shells I've had since I was a kid suited the library just fine. 

By the way, to make all these stick and not fall I used zots, like for scrapbooking?  They worked great.

Here's a shot of three shelves across.  It took a while to get all the books arranged so they looked nice.  I'm sure Mr. Doll will want to reorganize though.  Men.
And here's the man himself.  At his desk.  Working.  At least that's what he tells the Missus. 

He's working very hard with his cigar and cognac.
His desk is actually pretty cool.  The rolltop works and everything.  You don't get a good view of the book case behind him in the above picture so here's a slightly different angle.

With the stove and a huge chunk of Tigers Eye behind him.  Would you believe the shells are an inch long at the most?
So the last room on the second floor is the master bedroom.  And we all know who's run amuck with ruffles and lace in there.  Mrs. Doll.  No wonder Mr. Doll is hiding out in the library.

Mrs. Doll is  I really need to do something about that.

But she's pleased with her bed, and its frilly covers and pillows.  At least I hope she is. I imagine she talks Mr. Doll's ear off but she's very reticent with me.

I think the rug complements the pale blue nicely.  And the end tables with their lamps are some of my favorites.  The bedspread and pillows turned out pretty well too.
And Mrs. Doll wouldn't be a proper lady without a dresser full of toiletries and perfumes. 

The glass bottles have removable stoppers.  So I'm glad they're zotted down.  Same with the tray with the brushes and combs.  But I love the filigree work around the mirror.  Just the right touch of ornate.
Here's a slightly different view so you can see all of the mirror.  Told you it was gorgeous.

Pretty dresser is pretty.
Here's a quick pic of the stove. I was so tickled to find one that had blue on it to match.

I love how the little gold door matches the base of the lamps.  I'm weird like that.
And of course Mr. Doll has to have a place to keep his things.  We don't run to his and hers dressing rooms around here.  But he does get an armoire.

Oh...I just noticed how nicely this shows off the rug.  But you can also see Mr. Doll's shoes and holders along with his bowler and watch.
Here's a slightly better view.  I think.  Yes? No?

Yes. You can just make out the face of his watch.  Of course his gloves are in their box and he has a little set of tools for his nails and mustache.  Must keep well groomed you know.
The chair you can see next to his armoire matches the ivory of the bed canopy perfectly but I didn't buy them together.  Just a happy coincidence. 

But that's it for the second floor.  Let's mount the stairs and head to the third floor shall we?

An older pic but no one is going to fall down these stairs if I can help it.  Not tired maids or rushing children.
And on that cheerful note I'm going to leave you folks. 

Look for another post in a day or so.  I'm going to go and write it right now.  Then I'll just need to edit it and post.  So no long wait. Right?

Well that's the hope anyway.
Just in case you were worried that the dolls missed Halloween.  Nope!

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