Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Few Things Finished

So in the weeks since you've heard from me I've been ill, begun cross training at work and have started to finish a few rooms of the dollhouse.  Guess which of those was the desert and which are the vegetables.  Go on, guess. I dare you.

Yeah, I'm pretty stoked that some things are getting all those gorgeous finishing touches.

I had to do a few time consuming things staining all the trim I'd bought for the second floor windows.  I haven't measured them out yet.  That's still to come.  But they're all stained. See?

See?  Nice dark red brown.  Pretty.
And I began to really work on completing the front hall.  See, first I had to get the crown molding up. know.  The wall.  The one that makes it a hallway.

And I needed to put the stairs in.  So I did a bunch of stuff at once.  And I forgot to take pictures.  So remember way back when I took pictures of how I wanted the rooms to look?  We're going to do before and after.

Not exactly high class or even livable...
Notice the lack of front door.  The completely bare floor.  The lack of stairs, baseboards, crown molding or wallpaper?  Notice also how big the space seems?

Yeah, it doesn't look like that anymore.  See?

Okay I lied.  No crown moldings or stairs here. Not yet.

Please ignore the boxes you are able to view through the living room opening.  But what a change right?

Let's try that same view with stairs, and crown moldings, shall we?

See? Same view...totally different.
To me the stairs really make it more of a vertical space, if that makes any sense.  But this is without any furniture.  You had an idea from the 'before' picture what furniture I was going to use.  Check this out.

You can see the grandfather clock and the coat rack.
I really need to look at the space from the front more, get a sense of what a doll would see before I finalize anything.  But we have another angle.  I like this one a lot.

I was so excited to get the mirror on the wall!
Planning on a few things to do on the lower level of the demi-lune table, flowers or a vase, something.  But for now the silver basket works pretty well.  And its perfect near the foot of the stairs.

We've also made great strides in the dining room.  Remember the dining room?  It looked like this?

Again, very bare, nothing but furniture.
So I think this is better.  Floors, wallpaper, baseboards, window trim...

Step one, floors and walls.  Cover 'em up!
See? This isn't hard... okay I'm lying.  This was pretty hard.  But I like how the wallpaper looks.  It gives me more options than just red.  I could go with gold or brown, green even... more red.  Not bad.

Of course everything is better with trim.  See?

See?  Trim makes everything better.  Finished looking.
And a view of the windows with trim... So glad these darn things stayed together.  They were not cooperative at all.

See? Pretty.  Like.
At that point I had no choice but to add the back wall.  Let me tell you, adding floor and plaster to the ceiling will take away crucial millimeters that you need to get your walls in without issue.  But I managed. 

And here we are with furniture and a chandelier.

Sorry its a little blurry.
This one is a little better?  Or is the wish father to the thought?

Yeah, definitely clearer. 
Eventually I'll fill up the cabinet with china.  And you'll notice that I don't have any curtains.  Yeah I'm pretty certain the dolls will not be doing any nude entertaining.  Clothes all the way until the curtains go in. 

I also noticed a little problem.  I was running out of crown molding.  Yeah.  That kind of problem.  So I'm ordering more.  Not a lot but enough to keep me going with the attic hall and finish the library.

We're not completely done with the upstairs but the kitchen is on the menu for next week.  I hope you enjoy.

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