Monday, May 5, 2014

Last But Not Least... Well Not Technically Anyway!

Okay I was going to type and I had a witty remark to go with the title but then I got distracted by a commercial that had a scorpion putting its tail (and presumably venom) into some sort of alcohol.  And now Steve Cobert is talking about pistachios.  Seriously if I didn't know TV ads were stupid I'd think I was high.

I cleaned today too. In addition to writing all these posts to entertain you folks. And also so I don't feel guilty about ignoring everyone in favor of reading and screwing around on the computer.

But I cleaned off my desk.  You've never seen my desk or you'd understand exactly what a chore that was.  When I mentioned it to my husband he started laughing and didn't stop for five minutes. 

There's a reason for the cleaning though.  I'll tell you later. 

In the mean time...I think we left off in the third floor hall.  Right?

So here we are again...

Nice and safe right?
And now...we have... well.  We have a reason for Mrs. Doll to go upstairs.

She likes to sew.  I imagine she's pretty good at it.
After all, she has all the tools she needs right?

A sewing machine and a disturbingly large pair of shears.  Let's just hide those so Mr. Doll doesn't become alarmed.
She also has a table (thank you Denise) where she can keep her things and cut out the patterns.

More scissors, thread, a piece of embroidery and a sewing box.  The sewing box is really cool.  It moves.
See?  I love this thing. It's so neat looking.

See? The hinges move and the top goes back and forth as well as the lids lifting up.
I took the table out of the house so I could get some better pictures.
See how it opens?  I had one like this years ago.  So cool!
Another view.
So pretty.  Reminds me of sewing in my mom's rec room.  Thread everywhere.
One more,
I'll have to see about doing some little embroidery of my own for the girl's room. 
And there's a cabinet and hutch to keep more cloth and a place to hang a half finished dress.  Also thanks to Denise.
With a nice view of the rug I got for free when I ordered the others.  Pretty nice huh? Matches the wallpaper.
And now we have the servants quarters.  I've shown you the room before once it was finished.  But I changed the layout a bit since then.
It doesn't show everything from this angle and the maids still need bedding.  And clothes.
 Here's another angle.  They've got a stove and lamp now.
An old fashioned hurricane lamp.  Nothing spectacular for the servants. 
I think I like this layout better than the old one.
Even with the bottle trying to tilt over.
And then we have the girl's room across the hall.  I toyed with the idea of having a regular nursery, a boy and a girl, but the room didn't seem big enough and I didn't have a little boy doll.
I still like this layout the best.
Added a few touches as well.  A girl needs certain things after all.
Every girl should have something beautiful to look at, Monet seemed appropriate.

And of course she needs books right?
The books actually were more charms. I pulled the holder out of the spine and voila, books.  More colorful than what's in Mr. Doll's library.

The teddy bear is something I found this weekend.  His little arms and legs move and I thought a girl who's growing up would still want something from her childhood.  I've yet to make her a doll (still working on that one) but the bear seemed like it would be sweet.
Dolls were actually used as practice and models for dresses as girls learned to sew.  The theory being they could use scrap fabric to learn and nothing would be wasted. 
She's obviously been working on her embroidery too.
She's been practicing a long time. She even has a sampler.  See?
The idea was that the stitches got harder as you progressed making it more elaborate the more you worked on it.  I saw a real one at the Historical society in Lombard.  So pretty!
And of course she has a hope chest, along with a pretty stove.
I love that her stove has pink on it.  I'm going to redo her bedding so it has more green and pink rather than white.
Oh, and I forgot to show you this addition to the kitchen.  We all need some good copper pans right?  Okay. I do.  I don't have any but at least the dolls do right? 

I'm debating if they make the kitchen look too busy.  Not sure. 

So remember that I cleaned off my desk?  There's a reason for that.

Dun dun dunnnnn...!

Yep.  I caved and I'm starting another one.

So if you want to see the inside of it you can find it here:

I got mine at Hobby Lobby though. It was only $99  and I got to use a forty percent off coupon.  So only $60.


And I got a chest to put all my tools in.  Much easier to find them now.

I'm planning on this dollhouse being much more modern.  As in computer using artistic doll could live there.

I'm very excited.  Hope you're excited for me. 

Anyway that's the big news!

So we have more of this to look forward to.

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