Sunday, November 4, 2012

Framework & Bedding

Well this week I have gone back to my roots.  And by roots I mean what got me started on all of this in the first place. 

I think I've mentioned (and shown you guys) that I do some sewing.  And part of what got me into miniatures in the first place was sewing for my dolls.  I think I also mentioned I've been doing that from an early age.  Like nine or ten?  Well a long time ago.  We won't talk about how long, it makes me feel old.  I don't need to feel old(er). 

So anyway, sewing.  I'm still working on the frame for the dollhouse though with some wood glue and clamps it's progressing well enough.  But I wanted to actually accomplish something this weekend.

So it's progressing...a little bit anyway.

So I talked before about the master bedroom and the colors I want to use.  I did a little research about Victorian bedrooms and bedding and apparently the upper class bedrooms were fairly ornate. 

Here's the base of the bed I started out with.  It's actually a canopied four poster but for our purposes the base will be fine.

See ivory satin brocade, glued down.  Very basic.
I like how it looks but I want it to have more color and definitely a little more pizazz.  So I got the blue fabrics I showed you a couple months ago, the gauze and the blue cotton, along with triple tiered lace and made a bedspread.

Slightly better I think.
But I wanted a little more contrast and something slightly more ornate so I added some ribbon in a basket weave pattern to the blue.  I also detached the pillow from the bed and wrapped it in the same blue fabrics with the same ribbon for some detail.

I also decided that the bed needed some throw pillows so I dug out some other ribbon trim and a few fabric roses.  I'll eventually work on a few regular pillows for the bed with some big fancy shams with lace so the bolster pillow goes in front with the throw pillows. 

But I think this is pretty good for now.

Not a bad picture...
This is a little better. 

So along with the bigger pillows and shams I'm probably going to make a new canopy with the blue gauze and curtains to drape down the bedposts.  Those will match the window curtains and will go with the rug I bought for the room.  But for now, this is pretty good I think.

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