Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Paint & Trim & Random Holiday Stuff

So maybe some of you noticed, this was a holiday weekend?  As such, not a lot was accomplished on the dollhouse.  Actually not a lot was accomplished period. 

We did several things, went to the home of friends for Thanksgiving which was awesome cubed (yep, I'm good enough at math to make that reference now.  Tears of pride anyone?)  Seriously they're such good cooks that I liked sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce (the homemade kind) and stuffing with sausage in it.  And pork tenderloin with this reallly yummy sauce to go over it.  All of these are things I don't normally eat and yet I ate and ate and ate because it was all sooooo good.  Rachel & Bill you guys are made of cool. 

We won't mention the Cowboy game.  Ever.

On Saturday my phone stopped working.  Apologies to anyone who tried to call me. Not that I get a lot of calls, but still... I go today to get that fixed.  Saturday we also journeyed into Frisco to see Silver Linings Playbook.

This is a great movie.  And if people don't at least get Oscar nods I think my husband might just break something.  I don't want to think about what.  But it was funny and poignant and sweet and you don't have any idea until the end what is going to happen to these loving and damaged people.  It's really good. Go see it if you can find it in a theatre near you. Or like us, even if you can't.

So the Dollhouse.  Before I can put the shingles on, I'm supposed to put on the roof trim.  You may recall that the instructions say to paint everything before putting it on the dollhouse.  And I don't know about you, but when I use wood glue I like it to go in between wood. Not in between wood and paint.  So here are all my pieces of roof trim:

Nice piece of cardboard so I don't get paint everywhere.
And these are not in any particular order.  Order comes later when I've figured out which board goes where.  See, they're angled at the ends and what side I paint will depend on what part of the roof they go on.  See this handy diagram?

Very helpful right? At least labels everything.
So I figured out what side I needed to paint and laid them all out so only the exposed side would get the blue paint.  And here is my can of blue paint which looks very bright but should darken when its dry.  I'm hoping. 

It seems bright to me.  I'm not used to painting with colors.
But with some work and manuevering to make sure nothing got painted and then stuck together, I got all my little trim pieces done.  Voila!

Once I've gotten them on the dollhouse I'll give them another coat of paint to make them a little prettier and also color any exposed edges.  But I'm pretty stoked about this. 

I also worked a little bit on another dollhouse project which I'll try to finish up and show you guys hopefully midway through this week or next weekend.  Ha!  See I'm getting so good at this I'm throwing out teasers for the next post...

Yeah I'd probably sound more professional if I didn't point stuff like that out huh?

Anyway hope your Thanksgivings were great and I'll see you guys next week.

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