Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beware Sawdust...and Crazy Glue

Back to the dollhouse today and I'm pleased to say I've made some progress on the case.  Linda got all of the Plexiglas cut for me, and currently it's all leaning against the wall in my house.  So I started to work on the frame for the lid. 

First step was to glue all the pieces that had broken off back on.  By the way, Crazy Glue, very helpful, also works quickly on skin as well as plastic.  Luckily I'm used to dealing with Crazy Glue more than I am Plexiglas so I didn't quite glue my fingers together.  It actually went pretty well.  Better than the frame.

I bought some wood for the frame of the lid since the Plexiglas was cracked and not sturdy enough to drill and have hinged on its own.  Unfortunately Home Depot cannot make miter cuts (ie forty five degree angles) so its going a little bit less well than I'd hoped.  But still, progress is progress and I'll take what I can get.

In the mean time I've been ordering things the dollhouse needs so that bit by bit I'll accumulate all of the trims and finishings for it.  This week I ordered doors for all the rooms except the dining room and living room. Those will have double width entries so I don't want to use doors for them, unless I get really ambitious and get a couple of sets of double doors.

So here are my doors, they come with inner and outer trim so they'll be perfect for the bedrooms, library and kitchen.

Nice and simple.  I like them pretty well.
I also bought a couple of bags of doorknobs, little crystal ones that are similar to the house I grew up in.  They're pretty cool, six to a package so two packages would take care of six doors, inside and out.

See? Sparkly.
The front door doesn't have a knocker yet, I'm still looking for that, but I did find a cool set of brass knobs with a key even.  I think hinges for the inner doors and a knocker for the front door will be next on the list.

I think it will look very nice on the front door of the house.
Last but not least a couple of splurges for the entry way.  I recently bought a sideboard and mirror for the front hall which will look great under the main stairs, across from the dining room.  And what's an entry way without something to brighten it up.

Pretty flowers.  Yes I have a simple mind.
I also needed a place to keep the front door key.  And this seemed like the perfect place.  The handle moves and it'll be perfect to put little things like keys or a watch.  Maybe it would be better in the bedroom or holding candy in the living room.  But I couldn't resist it.

Pretty & Shiny

And that's what I did this week.  A little shopping and a little hard work.  A lot of sawdust in my kitchen and wood glue smeared on plastic.  But progress...

So that's not too bad right?

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