Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Late Progress

So I'm two days late with this post and I offer my apologies.  I hadn't been feeling great last week and this weekend due to a trip to the movies and the husband being sick, I was feeling pretty lousy yesterday.

I did make progress on the dollhouse case this weekend.  I ended up making another trip to the Home Depot for screws and sandpaper but other than that it went pretty well.

I worked on the lid more on Saturday and suceeded in getting the Plexiglas sandwiched in between the wooden frames.  Wood glue is wonderful and I also bought some corner braces to help with the support.  So here is a picture of the lid on top of the case, working hinges and all.

I was very proud of myself at this point.

Then of course I had to put it on the table or I would have been kneeling on a tile over concret floor and I'm sorry but my knees have enough of kneeling when I go to church.  But it was still pretty light at this point so no trouble.

The Plexiglas Linda had cut for me worked out pretty well, I got the holes drilled for the hinges without any major snafus.  I even got the hinges attached without too many problems.

Then I ran into a little snag.  As you can see below, I got the dollhouse into the case no problem.  And it fits just great.  (It'll be staying on top of the table by the way, its safest there.)

See?  Nice and snug and safe. 

No, the problem came when I realized that due to some of my Plexiglas doors overlaping, I can't use the sliding bolt locks I'd bought.  Not on the front and back doors anyway.  So I'm working on a way to keep the doors closed.  Right now duct tape seems to be working.

So hopefully a more permanent solution by next weekend.  In the meantime, Tali kitten is having a great time trying to figure out a way in.  I couldn't get a picture of her on top of the case but she has taken a regal pose several times, just to taunt me I suspect.

So next week hopefully the case will be securely locked and I can begin painting the dollhouse.  I'm so looking forward to that.

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