Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dollhousing Again! Yay!

So this weekend had several issues to delay this post. 

Number 1) I had strep throat thanks to the lovely folks at work who spread it around.  So I was exhausted and really not in the shape to do anything but sleep. 

Number 2) The photos did not want to upload from my phone.  I love when the phone says it has an update and you think it'll make your life easier but it just messes up everything you thought you understood about your phone.

Number 3) Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy.  Yep, my kitten was definitely an impediment to accomplishing work on the dollhouse.  She was fascinated by the paintbrush and got paint on her paws which freaked me out.  I returned the favor by freaking her out and washing her paws with soap and water.  She hasn't died yet so I think she'll be okay.

But the goal for this weekend was to start painting and as you can tell from Tali's trouble paint I did.

I started with building the front steps because they had to be wood glued on and I din't want to glue paint to paint.  So first step, attach the treads to the steps.  Like so:

Notice my high tech carpentry tools here.
And also like so:

More very high tech professional grade tools.
The end product is supposed to look like this:

Nicely specific aren't they?
I painted the steps partially before I glued them together.  I thought it might make it easier for some reason.  I never said logic entered into this process.

Painted the sides and front of the bottom step
Here's the top step partially painted:

You can see the paint a lot easier on this one.
Then I glued them together and glued them to the house.  Which I forgot to take a picture of.  So we'll skip right to the part where I painted the steps completely. 

Snazzy huh?
Eventually I'm going to put a gloss on the steps and another coat of black paint.  But for now this works.  I also painted the foundation of the house the same color, hence wanting the steps to have a little contrast.

See, I don't want the steps to blend into the foundation as much.
Here's a pic of the side of the house.  Tali was fascinated by this process.

A little dark but still you can see what I did since it contrasts with the raw wood.
But that wasn't all I did folks.

Oh no.  I got out my brand new paint brush and my special paint that I bought that has primer and paint in one BEHR paint that the Home Depot lady mixed up special for me.  She was really great, helped me figure out my colors and decide on a nice pale pale blue for the main body of the house.  As you see here:

The color doesn't pop as much from behind the plexiglas.
But it's so pretty.  and the front part of the house looks a little weird because part of the house is meant to be on hinges and open so I couldn't paint it attached to the house because then the paint would dry and its really got a glue like quality to it once its dry.  So a little weirdness.

But here's another picture of the side of the house.  I'm very pleased with this color.

Isn't it pretty?
So now I need to paint the trim, stain the shingles, glue the shingles on, glue on the trim...

Yeah I've got a lot of work.  But this is the fun part.  No more case building. We're dollhousing again!

Yay me.

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