Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trimming the Dollhouse

The blue trim that I painted last week worked out fairly well.  I'm pretty excited about how it looks, the blue will be a nice pop against grey/black shingles.  Here it is on the dollhouse:

The raw edges showed so I had to repaint once the trim was glued on.
 There were a few points where I had to sand down the top edge to fit the trim between the roof lines.  But it worked out pretty well.

You can barely see the raw edge on the back piece.
And one more picture of the other side, which still looks pretty good.
Nice reflection too huh?  Never said I was much of a photographer.
So the next step is to add the shingles to the roof but since I don't have everything I need to stain/dye the shingles I decided to put a few other things together in preparation for the rest of the work.
See part of what is so cool about this house is all the trim and woodwork.  The roof and bay window extension have railings for the widows walks.  The kit gives you a railing guide and instructions as to how to construct the railings.  Not hard really.
See the top right illustration and the top middle drawing?
It involves spindles, wood glue and rails and a lot of bending over on my part.  But other than that...not too difficult.  See below:
See, the trick is to make sure the ends have an even amount of the guide around them.
See what I mean?  It isn't hard, just a little ticky tacky and I'm so glad that wood glue doesn't dry too quickly or I would have had a lot more trouble.
Both rails on and glued.  Have to let it rest and set a little bit before picking it up.
But eventually everything gets set and its safe to take the railings off the guide.  Then I start the whole process over again.  So I just started to stack my finished railings against the house.
Husband asked if it was a ladder for Santa Claus.  Uh, no. It's not.
The next step was to assemble the newel posts which come in three pieces.  These also had instructions:
See the lower right hand illustration?
This also involved wood glue.  And bending.  And then enclosing all of these inside the case so the cats couldn't get them.
Three completed and ten more to go.
And here are all thirteen glued together. 
See?  All of them looking nearly uniform.
I'm thinking of what color to paint them.  The trim on the roof and on the house will be blue.  I'm wondering if I shouldn't do the railings and window trim in white.  I'm debating because with the roof black/grey, trim in dark blue, the railings white and the house pale blue it might be too many colors. 
Then again, three colors plus the roof is the norm.  So should I be repainting the foundation?  Or leaving it black to go with the roof? 
I'm really not sure and since painting houses isn't exactly my forte I don't know what I should do.  Suggestions, comments, great thoughts?  I could use some help on this.

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