Sunday, January 27, 2013

Railings and Porch Lights

So this weekend I accomplished two things.  I probably could have done more but there's only a certain amount of fulfilling my potential that I like to do on weekends.  The rest cuts into my sitting around time.

So a few weeks ago our front porch light became suicidal.  And by this I mean it tried to throw itself off the house.  It has been dangling upsidedown and I finally found a new one that was simple to deal with and would be easy to install.  In order to replace the bulb on the last one you had to take the whole thing apart. 

I suspect but cannot prove that this is where the suicidal impulses began as the lamp was never the same afterward. 

So I found a lamp on Amazon.  Ta Da!

Heath/Zenith SL-4132-BK 150-Degree Bayside Mission Style Motion Sensing Decorative Security Lantern, Black

I'd never installed outside lights before, but I've installed ceiling fans.  So I wasn't too worried, the light fixture wires are under a porch so its not like the weather is a huge issue.

But after reading the instructions I managed to get it hooked up. Yay me.

See?  New light. Motion detector and everything!
I did something else too... more shingles...oi those shingle are time consuming.  But I painted the railings of the widows walk!  At least I painted them more. 

Lots of painting this weekend.

Unpainted railings
See? They're bare and not dark at all.  Very boring looking.

Nice Blue paint on the railings now!
I also did some touch ups on the newel posts.  And I painted the under eaves dark blue and touched up all the spots on the main body of the house where the dark blue had gotten onto the pale blue.

So a lot of little bits of work, not much picture worthy.  And about three hours worth of standing. 

I am now sitting down and will be sitting down for the rest of the day.  I'm hoping I'll get a few things written and another chapter or two posted to my fan fiction sites.

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