Monday, September 2, 2019

Another Lantern & the Bookshop Living Quarters

It's been a nice week.  The first couple days I was off weren't planned, but I had to deal with a medical thing and they don't let you drive for twenty four hours when you've been under anesthesia.  No biggie really.

But I worked on another lantern.  This time I had to hide the batteries somewhere besides under the lantern.  Raised base lanterns are so much easier to work with.  So this one took me a lot longer.

I made a grandfather clock to hide the battery cases in and it turned out pretty well.

I went with a slightly different type of ornaments for the Christmas tree too.


I managed to get the paneling and wallpaper on.

I put a layer of corrugated cardboard under the floor so I'd have a way to cut a channel for the wire of the tree lights.  Then got everything glued in.

For the outside I changed the glass out on the 'door' to pebbled plastic and put in some wood to make it look more like a windowed door.

For the outer windowsill I painted it black and then layered on different colors of grey to give it the look of concrete.

Part of me is tempted to put some black wood around the outside but I'm not sure about that yet.

Once I finished the lantern I got back to working on the bookshop.

I started by gluing the roof pieces to the top of the walls.

While they were drying I put the parlor stove together and wired it with my fire lights.

I might not end up using it but if I do, I'll likely end up putting it here.  Depends on how cluttered it makes the room look.

I added some 'soot' to the stove and made it look a bit less shiny.

It still looks cleaner than the pot-bellied stove, but it's not pristine either.

By the time I got all that done the glue on the roof pieces had dried and I could start with my wallpaper, flooring and wainscoting.

I added wallpaper and flooring to the 'hallway' so if the door opened it wouldn't show the bare wood.

I stained the floor with Minwax Brazillian Rosewood but decided to paint the wainscoting.

The blue comes across very bright in the photos so I aged it a bit with some very watered down black paint.

It's not much but there's a bit of a difference.

I like how it looks with the wallpaper and flooring.

Not sure where I'll put the stove yet.  But I tested it out in the little nook.

It might be a good place for the bed.  Not sure yet.  Need to measure a bit.  And make the bed.  Easy right?

How have the rest of you been doing?


  1. Look at you being so creative in spite of a little medical road bump! The lantern looks stylish and charming and I love the way your concrete and grandfather clock came out! It's so much fun to see all the creative ideas you've been adding to each one!

    The facade looks so fabulous! I am so excited to see it with the dormer windows in! I am also loving the wallpaper and painted wainscoting! The colors are so harmonious together and it's a homey and happy room!Both stoves are awesome and I hope you can use them both!

    Have a great short work week!

  2. The room looks beautiful Sheila. It matches the rest of the build but is it’s own space, warm and inviting, even without the stove. The facade is going to look so good. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Yeah to another fabulous lantern. Having had my fair share of grief with wires under floors, I have promptly taken note of the idea of using corrugated card under the floor - so clever.
    The upstairs room is so pretty. I know colours can be deceptive on the screen, but the shade of blue for the wainscoting sits perfect between the rosewood timber floor and pretty wall paper.
    Anna x

  4. Another cute lantern! Very clever, hiding the battery in the clock. And what a pretty room that that will be, with your choice of wallpaper and paint for the wainscoting. I really like the parlor stove. I hope it gets to stay. And sorry to hear about your medical issues. Glad they at least gave you time to work on your mini projects!

  5. I Love the way you have lit the parlour stoves and their internal glow is so inviting! A plus for having it under your spiral staircase is the heat which will rise and heat the upper level as well. The stove in the living quarters is a very nice feature for a bedroom and I hope that you'll be able to find the right place for it once your bed is installed.

  6. Great idea the grandfather clock to hide the battery! I love the stove and the facade is awesome.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. How do you do it??? You are just knocking these lanterns out! I love this one, I think it's my favourite so far. Happy to see more of the bookshop too. I love the wall paper you picked.

  8. Sí que has trabajado!!! El nuevo farol se ve muy bien,me encanta la idea del reloj para esconder las baterías,ha quedado fabuloso!!
    Y tu librería avanza estupendamente,me gusta cada una de las adiciones,deseando ver la continuación!!

  9. Hi Sheila! The little potbelly stove looks very cute in the Bookshop! Those old buildings could be very cold in wintertime! I do like the blue you are using for the wainscoting and look forward to seeing the bed you will make. Will it have a canopy and curtains? At least a quilt or two? As always you are making so much progress, especially on your lanterns.... all I have done is a few more dozen leaves....! We'll get there in the end! LOL!:):)

  10. Great idea with this clock for hiding battery. Lantern look wonderful.