Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lazier Weekend

In the interests of not leaving my vacation to the last month of the year and nearly losing my time I'm taking a vacation next week.

So this weekend I felt entirely justified in being a little lazy.  I went through one of my stashes of furniture getting a few ideas for my lanterns.

And I got a rolling cart with three trays attached for some of my tools so I have more space on my table to work.  That's going to come in handy I can already tell.

I'm debating doing a lantern or two for Halloween, if I can get any done in time.  I don't have a lot of Halloween décor though I could make more floating teasets and potion bottles. That could be lots of fun. I had a blast doing cauldrons and potion bottles for the WQRC.

Until I narrow down what I'd like to do I decided to get started on another Christmas lantern.

This one doesn't have a raised base to it, so I needed to come up with another way to hide the batteries for the lights.

I'm planning on making a little cupboard to hide the batteries. To that end I decided to remove a couple of the 'windows'.

I went with a herringbone floor, some of my flooring leftover from NOLA House, and some simple wainscot and blue wallpaper on the 'walls'.

The trick is that the flooring can't sit directly on the metal.  I'd have no where to run the wires.  I'll have to prop it up a bit with either cardboard so I can cut channels or wood lengths in the right width.

I'm going with 1:12 furniture in this lantern so I found a chair I could sand down and paint.

I got started on the tree since I'll need to have it done before I put the floor in.

It needs a star and some ornaments but the lights work.  Yay!

The chandelier is a bit more ornate in this lantern, since there's such a pretty cut out design on top.

Both the chandelier and the Christmas tree lights need a nine volt battery so I really need the little cabinet.

I'll take a look around for some pictures for the walls too. Since I have walls in this one.


  1. Please do a Halloween lantern!

  2. Este farol navideño ya está encaminado! Pero por favor,sí,haz uno con el tema de halloween!!!

  3. I really like the variety you're getting into your lanterns. Each one is special. And I also would love to see a Halloween version!

  4. It must be so much fun getting to try out so any variations on the Christmas lanterns! I think a spooky Halloween one would be really neat with all your magic potions and pouring concoctions included! Enjoy your time off and I hope you get to include some recharge time in there in addition to minis!

  5. Each lantern looks lovely and a spooky Halloween one will be fun to make.
    Enjoy your vacation.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. The chandelier is awesome <3 All your lanterns are amazing detailed. I love watching your work-in-progress photos :)
    Hugs, BB

  7. Hi Sheila! I have fallen Waaayyy behind on commenting on blogs lately! :( I love your little Christmas Lanterns! The cozy feel of each one and the enclosed and protected scene are so appealing... a little like a snow-globe, but from the inside with no snow! LOL! It makes me want to make my own.... but I have plenty I am already working on! LOL! It is really fun to see the different combinations you make for each one!
    And I hope you have a great Vacation (and don't spend it only on book-making!) :):):)

  8. You are the least lazy miniaturist I know! :D