Sunday, September 15, 2019

Building Up My Stock

I had a couple of ideas for Lanterns based on the surprise I made for my friend.  And this weekend I managed to get three of them done.

I started with another hexagon lantern and made a slightly different tree to go inside it.

I also had a lantern that was only about two inches square and maybe three and a half high so I made a little tree to go in it.

My other set of moonlights I added to the 'ceiling/roof' of the hexagon lantern along with some vines.

Binder clips holding all the vines in.  I tried to get some of the lights inside the tree as well.

While the glue dried I worked on the little lantern and some trees for my third project.

I wanted a lantern with only a Christmas tree inside with snow so I made three slender threes to put in the corners and built up the 'ground'.  I draped the tree branches with pulled cotton and got them glued into place.  I painted my base white and glued cotton to it as well, then got my Christmas tree lit and decorated before gluing everything in place.

I really like how it turned out.

I wanted something a little different for the hexagon lantern so I started making a magical tea set.  The process start to finish takes about a weekend, really the same amount of time as making trees with candy tuft for the leaves.  So it's doable.

While the glue dried I finished the little lantern.

Added some more leaves to give the tree a fuller look so the glue is still drying a bit.

My first fairy, she's hovering pretty well.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of her before I glued the base into the lantern.  I might see if it's possible to pull the glass out and take a picture without the reflecting light issues.

And by the time that was done I'd gotten my 'table' glued into the hexagon lantern.

The glue dried pretty solid so I got my fast grab tacky glue and added the magical tea set.  Last minute I added a plate of cakes.

I'll take a look through my animals and see what I have that might suit the lantern.  Not sure if it really needs anything more but I'll look and see. I don't want to touch it until the glue is completely dried under the tea set.  I also wonder about adding a vine to the 'door' of the lantern but I don't want the view obstructed too much.

How are all of you doing?


  1. Muy bonitas,me encanta meter la naturaleza en esos faroles!!!

  2. Such great ideas for fairy lanterns and they look like so much fun to make! I love the Christmas tree and the snowy ground! The fairy lights also make the lanterns seem magical! What a creative weekend you've had!

  3. So lovely! Especially the magical tea! Your variation of lanterns is very impresive.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. I love your magical pouring teapots! I'm glad you've included them in a lantern. You're really coming up with a nice variety, all beautiful and special in their own ways. :-)

  5. Super Cute Sheila! The magical tea party is a definite Scene Stealer!

  6. Wonderful works! I especially like the lantern with magical set. :)