Sunday, August 4, 2019

Next Lantern

I started out making more books. So I'm getting closer to my goal.

I'd wanted to do a bit more on the white lantern loveseat.  I added some cushions to the back and then a bit of padding to the headrest and arms.

I think the added grey brings the piece together a bit more.

Then I wired the light to the battery and tested it out.

The table and loveseat aren't glued in yet, I'm waiting on my glasses since I need some milk on the table and I don't want to glue anything in until that's done.

The next lantern has a large enough footprint that I can use 1:12 furniture instead of half scale.  Which is nice because I'd already started to make a chair when I'd done the first lantern and it was too large for that one.

I'm going with a cherry wood trim in this one.  

I'm going to add some lace drapes with holly/seasonal ribbon on them to dress up the 'windows' once I finish the furniture.

Making a table was the first step.  I used woodsies and some spare miniature kit parts.

This was the only way I could keep the legs straight while the glue dried.  Since that was going to take a while I started on the Christmas Tree.

Glue is still drying on it too.   But it was safe to test out whether or not the table was level.

I've painted the chair and table black to start with.

I think I'll end up with a green or red cushion cover for the chair.  The final color of the furniture I'm not sure on yet.  Maybe a nice grey?  Something to look nice against the cherry wood of the trim but not blend in too much.

Last thing was to sew a tree skirt and add it to the tree.

Then I glued it into the lantern. I had to feed the wires through a hole in the bottom of the lantern and then add the that's drying now.

That was pretty much my weekend.  I was a little lazier than last week so I didn't get as much done but I'm feeling happy with everything.


  1. Enseguida conseguirás el número deseado de libros!!!!
    Tu nuevo farol se ve muy bien con ese suelo y panel de madera,el árbol navideño,nos anuncia sueños cumplidos....

  2. Another pretty lantern in progress! I love your very inventive gluing jig for the table. :-) I kind of like the idea of keeping the furniture black with the red and green cushions. Or maybe a red and green plaid?

  3. The wood paneling and the parquet floor of your lantern, immediately give it a warmth and cosiness despite the wrap around plate glass windows; an excellent choice Shellai.
    Love your tree and the black painted furniture your going with, which is a touch more masculine when coupled with the wood.
    Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. :)

  4. I love the warmth of the new lantern with it's paneling and beautiful flooring! It must be so much fun to explore so many different styles so closely together! The furniture is so cute and I love how each one of these will be a unique original with their own special touches! You also made great book progress so I anticipate and look forward to them going in the bookshop! With all these great works in progress, your craft room is a creative vortex!

  5. I love the new lantern with the beautiful wood paneling and floor. Wonderful work!
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Both lanterns are beautiful and unique <3 I love the wormth of the new lantern and its beautiful floor <3

  7. Love these lantern ideas. What a pretty tree. How about a really nice deep rich green for the table and chairs and still keep to the red and green upholstery idea?

  8. Hi Sheila! Sorry I've been too busy to keep up with all my favorite blogs lately! These lanterns are so much fun and are such a good idea! I am glad to see you are keeping up with the book-making too. It is inspiring me... maybe once I am done with my lilacs I will start on my book production too! :):)

  9. So many, many books... Wow!
    I love the latest lantern - the colou of the wood is wonderful and the floor is just beautiful. It looks great already.