Sunday, August 11, 2019

Third Lantern...oh, and More Books

So I cheated and ordered some books and made a few more.  I started out here:

And by tonight I had this:

And in between book making I worked on my third lantern.  This one is more 1:12 size rather than 1:24 with the amount of square inches I had so I could put more detail in it.

Deborah sent me a link to a great site for fabrics so I ordered some really pretty plaids and they arrived in a couple days.

Very Christmas appropriate.

I had painted my furniture black so I'd have a dark base to it.  Then I mixed some of my green with black for a really dark green.

Then I started checking how my plaids would look with the chair color.

In the end I went with the last one. I liked the muted colors and how they contrasted with the dark green chair.

I wired up my Christmas lights so they worked and that was a good feeling when they came on.

I was excited to be able to use some of my Christmas cookies on the table.

I'd bought some pillows when Christmas supplies were on sale so I added one to my chair.

I experimented with some of the instant water and tints to make milk to go with my cookies.  And added a pitcher and glasses.

I spent an hour or so sewing curtains while watching RED on TV and added them to the windows.

I think it looks pretty good.  The glue is still drying so I'll have to go over everything and make sure my glue hasn't left spots.

I'm debating added curtains to the front of the lantern on the door.  I'm not sure.

Once everything is dried I'll re-evaluate and see how I like all of it with the lights on.

How are all of you doing?


  1. Your collection of books is commendable and enviable, Shelia! I admire your persistence in making them individually and not supplementing them with a block of dummies. It requires the "patience of Job" to painstakingly make each cover with spine and I think you should be taking a bow! :)
    Also love the collection of plaids you've purchased as they always spell CHRISTMAS and immediately make a space look cosy and festive. LOve the milk and cookies and the seasonal cushion you've added to your chair... it's all Looking Good!

  2. The tray of books is filling up very nicely! Your choice of tartan was my favourite - have you perhaps considered some "Christmas" furniture for your Etsy shop as well as the completed lanterns?

  3. Muy bonita tu tercer farol navideño! me gustan las telas de cuadros y ese cojín queda perfecto!
    Buena colección de libros!

  4. Great progress on the books! I am so happy you were able to get some of the plaid fabric, and I really like the one you have chosen for the dark green chair. It's a nice contrast to the dark green chair and goes beautifully with that pillow. I think I like the front of the lantern without curtains. You don't want to obscure the delightful view.

  5. I am so happy to hear that you gave yourself a break and ordered some of the books. That is such a long task to accomplish, and getting a little help must be so encouraging!
    All the plaids are so wonderful! I'd be dreaming of winter cabin projects and all kinds of neat things to do with them! It must have been really hard to choose one for the chair, but I definitely like the combination you created with the dark green and lighter fabric. The whole scene is looking cozy and adorable! Love the drapes!
    And ha ha! I can so relate to that great feeling when the lights actually come on and work properly! It's such a nerve wracking moment!

  6. Each of the three lanterns is beautiful but this third one is the most. Lovely plaids!
    Hugs, Drora

  7. The lantern looks so beautiful and cosy. I love it.
    I really like the fabrics you bought.

  8. The new lantern looks very cute and cosy, all new fabrics are great match with this interior. I love how it turn out.

    And books... It's amazing how many of them you have already!!!