Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Downtown Loft

My vacation (finally) started on June 29th and I was sooooo ready for it.  I haven't had any extended time off in almost a year, because work has been so insane.

So I took the first weekend off.  I made a few books for the shop but mostly I sat and watched tv and enjoyed writing.

Then because I'd started on the Loft backsplash the weekend before I began work on the kitchen of the Loft.  I had to redo that first backsplash because the design of the beads on the front caught way too much of the spackle/grout.  So I pried them off and flipped them over to use the flat side as my tiles.

You actually see the 'tiles' rather than tons of grout so I think this works better.

I'd cut shelves to go between the kitchen window and the upper cabinets in the corner. But I thought they looked too boring.  So I got my Dremel and sanded the edges irregularly.  It gives them a live edge look and that's more modern which I enjoy.

I did the same with the shelves that go on the first backsplash above the coffee station.

With a lot of measuring and making templates and then gluing the 'tiles' to my cardboard templates, I got the backsplash behind the stove and sink done.

Here's a view of the area behind the stove side of the counters.  It looks pretty good.

Once I glued the shelves in place I really liked how the live edge looked.  And it echoes the coffee table that I love for the living room.

I added some thin strips of wood to go along the side and bottom edge of the backsplash.  There's the slightest gap between the tiles and the cabinets and I didn't want to add spackle there because it gets all over the cabinets and that white just doesn't always clean up.

I added the pot filler faucet from Kristine's Shapeways shop to the stovetop backsplash because I knew I'd never get it to stay on if I glued it after I put the backsplash on the walls.

While all that dried I added my flagstone flooring to the first floor.  And used the very sophisticated technique to hold it all down flat.

Once the paper was dry and stuck down flat I could glue in the cabinets.  Interesting process, lots of clamps, glue, cursing, wondering why something is square when I make it, but doesn't fit perfectly into the square building.

Thankfully the backsplash hid any gaps.

Gluing the staircase in was a little nerve wracking, but I got it and the lights I'd chosen in.

Here's a picture of the other side.

I added a strip of silver to the top of the fridge just to make it look more like an actual fridge.

The little spot lights are moveable so I'll be able to turn them to light the other side a bit more.

My only concern is fitting the couch and coffee table with the living space.  It seems smaller to me and I wonder if I made my kitchen bigger than I'd originally intended.  That's entirely possible.

This angle works best for me so far.  I love this coffee table.

So I'm still debating.  The couch is beautiful and I love it, but it's just a bit too big to put beneath the long window next to the feature wall.

I can go through my stash and try to figure something else out or leave it like this...or I can make this front area the dining room and the small part with the fridge half of the kitchen the living space.

Before I did all that I worked on the bathroom.

I made a small area of shelving and left it bare wood with the live edge look again.  It goes just behind the shower wall.

I made the toilet paper from cardboard and (you guessed it) toilet paper.  The book against the wall behind the shelf unit is to hold the other tile flat against the wall while the glue dries.

Once the wider wall was dry I glued the shelf unit and the shower into place.

I think the barewood look will be nice with the barewood cube shelves.

The tile was a little more difficult but eventually I got it in.  I wanted a fun look at the edge where wood meets tile.

The tape is holding the tankless toilet up while the glue dries.  But I added in the other furniture for the bathroom to test out the look.

The painters tape and clips are to keep the railing and staircase straight while the glue dries because they wanted to lean over.

But once everything was pretty dry I could take off the tape and clips.  It looks pretty good.

I need to paint out or trim out the edges of the loft. But so far I like how it's going.

I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday, so I'll probably make some more books.  It feels good to have made progress on the Loft though.


  1. Your cleverness in reversing the tiles was such a good idea Sheila! and seeing it completed in all of its entirety is Really Lovely! :D
    It's disappointing that the sofa is too long but those kinds of surprises I all too familiar with myself.
    The evolution of the loft is moving right along and so keep up the Great work! I realize that the deadline is fast approaching however, you seem to be right on schedule :)

    1. Thank you. I'll figure something out for the sofa. It's a constantly moving target is all.

  2. I love how the reversed mosaic tiles look. The kitchen looks fabulous. Sorry about the beautiful sofa not fitting in. Your idea about a dinning space could prove better.
    I love how the bathroom is progressing.

    1. Thanks Drora! I'm going to mess around with some furniture I have and see what I can make work. I've got some really cool modern stuff that could be fun.

  3. What a fabulous kitchen! The living edge shelves are genius--they work so well to soften the sharp, clean, modern edges of the kitchen. And your bead tile backsplash turned out beautifully. I also really like the way your bathroom turned out. The shelving wall makes a great divider. So sorry your sofa is a bit large. I honestly don't think it looks bad on that final angle shot. It could work.

    1. Thank you! I'm still messing around with the furniture. I need to let it percolate for a bit.

  4. The back splash tile turned out great! I really like the tile in your shower too. I don't think I have noticed this wood coffee table. Its very cool. I like how all the spaces are coming together.

    1. Thanks Troy! I wanted a bit of a retro look but still fairly modern.

  5. The backsplash looks wonderful now, Sheila, reversing the tiles was an excellent idea.
    The shelves have a fantastic irregular look, and are now less 'boring', you are right about that. I also like the color of the shelves, they have a look a bit like driftwood.
    This modern style kitchen looks fabulous so far, I'm curious what you'll do with the couch and coffee table, which is a true treasure.
    I wish I had such a wonderful bathroom in real life, it looks so wonderful in those natural colors and with lovely details.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thanks Ilona! I want that kitchen and bathroom in real life. Sadly, beyond my capabilities.

  6. I checked new posts on IG and when I saw the kitchen I thought "Why on Earth I have some kitchen advertisement here?!". Then I looked and saw it's not human scale kitchen, but yours! :)
    It looks absolutely amazing.

    1. Thanks! Being mistake for life size is one of the greatest compliments.

  7. I am so sorry that I am so late to the party! Just had to send my dad on his way back to Arizona after a six week visit, and things have been BUSY!
    I don't know where to start except to say that I love the tile backsplash and the raw wood edges! You always inspire me with your out of the box ideas and I imagine a trip to the craft store with you would be fascinating! The kitchen is Fabulous and I am so proud of you for making all of the cabinets yourself!
    I don't know what is right for the sofa placement, but I know you will come up with the perfect solution. And the coffee table IS amazing!
    The bathroom is so cool - love the creative tile combination and the frosted shower partition came out great! Plus the trip up those awesome stairs and down the unique hallway makes the necessary business trip an adventure!
    Enjoy the rest of your well deserved time off!

    1. Thanks! I've been a little busy myself. But I really wanted to finish the kitchen at least.

      I'm still thinking about the furniture.

  8. Hi Sheila. The kitchen is looking great but the sofa does look a little awkward. I thought it might look good under the long window but you say it is too wide. I think the support post for the loft visually separates the kitchen from the sitting room and extending the sofa past it makes it look a little out of place. Could you go with two chairs instead? Or angle the sofa in front of the stairs? I am sure you will work out the best solution and it will look fantastic.

    1. I'll figure something out. I have some slightly smaller pieces, loveseat rather than sofa size so they might work. I just really want the coffee table!

  9. Hi Sheila! It looks like you made a huge amount of progress! The kitchen is looking wonderful and so is the bath! Fixing the tiles on the kitchen backsplash was probably very annoying but worth the effort! I hate it when you start to move the furniture in and begin to realize how "small" the Real Estate actually is! I think most mini homes end up needing to compromise on the square footage... or they would take up too much space ! LOL! But a loft is supposed to be open... but cozy.... I do hope you find the sofa that fits! And I hope your book-making is going well too! Time off from work can be so wonderfully productive and restful! Keep up the great work! :):)

    1. Thanks Betsy! I've got other furniture, and I can also maybe make something that'll work better for the space. I just want to keep the coffee table.

  10. The 'live edges' on the shelves were a fantastic idea, and it makes all the difference. Hunt around and see if you find a smaller couch, I agree that it crowds the space a little bit. But in RL one would probably be able to live with it. The coffee table is a masterpiece. Just by looking at the pohotos, I can see how much fun you're having with this house.