Sunday, July 14, 2019

More Books!

This wasn't a terribly productive weekend.  After spending a lot of vacation on the Downtown Loft I made more books this weekend.

If I wasn't making books I was cutting out the covers to make more books.

I have a lot more to cut out, which is okay because I have a lot more books to make.

I pretty much need to fill this box and another box and a half like it.

I'm hoping to maybe cut out covers a bit at night this week and then make books on the weekends.  Then I need to get going on the building again.

Not very exciting this week.  Sorry.  I've got three more days of vacation coming up so I'm hopeful that I'll get more done next weekend.


  1. Not exciting, but necessary. Kudos to you for keeping at it! In the end, your dedication will show in your finished submission.

  2. The end will justify these efforts. You can listen to your favorite music while you're at it. This is what I do when things get boring but necessary.

  3. Genial y piensa que ya te queda menos, el resultado merecerá la pena.Feliz vacaciones:-)

  4. Making books takes a lot of time and patience! So while there is still a lot of them left to do, allow yourself to feel good about the progress you did make. They are like the proverbial elephant that must be eaten one bite at a time. You have a good plan, and luckily, more interesting tasks to do when you just need a break.
    My focus this week has to turn to making my daughter's birthday gifts, so no mini progress for me until that is finished!

  5. I noticed that you are very authentically making books with pages - do you need to do that for filling shelves? - I understand if you want realism even if its not seen. When I did my library I did many with pages for lying around or stacking in a way where they would be noticed but in the main I used a faster method There is more than one post about it. Take a look maybe you could compromise as you have so many to make. Lots of luck which ever way you go. Job well done.

  6. Still - you did a lot. :) I love how the book look.

  7. Two and a half box full of books... That is a lot cutting, fitting and pasting. I like that you continue to make so many different covers and sizes. It will look amazing when they are all on the shelves.
    Anna x

  8. Making books must takes a lot of time and patience. They looks so realistic. <3