Sunday, October 16, 2016

Roofing, Lighting and Little...Details

I hope you'll forgive me for only one blog this weekend as well as last weekend.  There was a lot of waiting this week and last weekend.  Normally I like to make a bit more progress but with the light fixture for the bathroom there was a lot of waiting for the glue to dry.

Then there was an issue with a broken wire...which necessitated me taking the whole thing apart and redoing that.  Mental note, wires are fragile and don't like to scrape against sharp metal jewelry findings.

But after a lot of work, some mental gymnastics and multiple episodes of swearing and backaches...I got the light fixture up on the bathroom wall.  And miracle of miracles it works.

Can you tell I aged the corner post next to the sink?  It was pristine and didn't match the waterstained ceiling or wallpaper.

So what do we think?

I also was doing some painting of bathroom accessories.  So far I've got the toothbrush holder, a towel rack, toothbrushes, two soap holders, soaps and the long handled scrub brush.  I did everything with slightly different finishes because having everything match (at least to me) implies having the money to shop for all the bathroom accessories at once and our home owner definitely does not have excess funds.  If she had extra money she'd probably do something to get rid of the rust.

I also made a loofah since its a more feminine accessory and our home owner is definitely female. Just in case you couldn't tell from the pink and green bedroom.

And I started work on the roof.  I wanted to get most of the shingles on so I'd have an idea of how to cut the trim and the gutters.  So I started out with two packages of Alessio's shingles in salt and pepper and bought some black shingles from Houseworks when I visited Hobby Lobby.  I wanted the look of an old roof that's been patched in places.  So we've got mostly greyish shingles with splotches (technical term) of black.

Once all the glue dries I'm going to test how well the glue holds on the shingles over the roof hinges.  I think I'm going to need to nail them in.  I'll go to Hobby Lobby (again) and get some pins to cut down and use them as roof nails.  I've got some little finger drills and if I drill the holes then hammer in the pins I think it will work out well enough.  The last thing I want is the roof beams or wood under the shingles splitting.

But while I'm waiting for the glue to dry, I've got my roof trim and gutters measured, painted, and aged.  There was a lot of waiting during this process so I worked on a little shoe drying box.  I got some little beach pebbles and glued them in a wood box I made.  I'm told the idea is the water and dirt drips off the shoes onto the rocks and doesn't get on your floors.  I have some leftover pebbles I might use in some of my landscaping.

It goes under the coat hooks next to the fridge in the kitchen. Just inside the French doors.

I wired up the white lamp and stuck it to the desk.  It works quite nicely.  And with a lot less hassle than the bathroom fixture.

Believe it or not it's on in this picture.  Easier to see when it's in the house.

You can barely see the switch to turn it on stuck to the underside of the desk.

And finally got the trim glued to the house.

Then the gutters.  The glue is still drying on these, hence the tape.

I'm also working on the back steps.  They've got their first layer of paint here but that's as far as I've gotten.  I need to beat them up a bit, sand them and then add some grey stain to weather them.

I also have a little...surprise that I'm working on.  Here's a shot of it so far.

So that's my progress for the weekend.  Feels like a lot...until I get it onto/into the house then it doesn't seem like much.  But it is progress and I'll take it.

Four more days until I'm on vacation!  I'm hoping to get a lot of dollhousing done in the six days I'm off.


  1. Splotches is definately a technical term..I hear the plasterers say it all of the time at work :0D I think everyone reading this blog will know just how long even the tiniest details take. You've done alot. Every detail tells a story and it looks fab! =0)

    1. Thank you! I'm really excited that it's looking more and more like a real house.

  2. You got a lot done over the weekend. Busy, busy, busy!

    1. It feels like a lot but when I write it down it doesn't feel like it should be a whole weekends worth, like I could have done more. But my feet still hurt this morning from all the standing so I think I did enough for my allotted time. LOL

      Thanks so much!

  3. Love the roof especially! :D I was also up on the mini roof this weekend. You're past it now, but I use Quick Grip for applying shingles. It's a stinky glue, but it works well. You just need to keep the rows taped down during the initial drying phase.

    1. Thank you! I'm going to mess with it a bit more in my time off. Louisiana is perpetually humid so I want some greenish moss/mold/we're not sure but it's green on the roof.

      Tape doesn't work so well on these shingles...they're a lot like the shingles for a real roof, grit coming off them constantly.

  4. I love how the roofing, trim and gutters just add that extra bit of realism! It's looking wonderful! I bet that you're so excited to be able to have six uninterrupted days to get the to-do's knocked off! Enjoy them!

    1. Oh yes... I want to make the downspouts and get the flowerbeds next to the foundation set up. Plus some moss/mold on the roof.

      I am totally excited. Can't wait to play around with it and not worry about getting something done in two days.

  5. your house is turning out great - I really like the details. I absolutely love your bathroom accessories - keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited to see how all those kits you made turn out!