Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bedroom & Bathroom

The big push for the rest of the week and this weekend has been to make the bushes in the flowerbeds look a little more overgrown and to get all the accessories and furniture into the bedroom and bathroom.

So I added some greenery to the bushes and some moss to the edges of the steps and flowerbeds.  I plan on getting a knife and gouging at the wood a bit then using some watered down black paint to age them a bit more.  But that's for tomorrow.

Here's what I've gotten done so far regarding the landscaping.

So I think they look a little less...manicured. If that makes sense?

Now the bathroom... It's such a small space that I didn't want to throw a lot of color in there in the way of towels or laundry, so I stuck with white there.  The toiletries have enough color that they show up against the shelves and sink pretty well.  And I added some posters to liven up the walls a bit.  They're cut out of some scrapbooking paper and I thought they were appropriate for a New Orleans house considering they're in French.

I used one of my rounded jewelry pliers to curl the edges so they'd look like they'd been around moisture for a while. 

Last minute switch up was me adding the orchid to the shelf near the window and putting the potpourri up above the bathtub.

In no particular order the bath tissue and holder were from Reutter Porcelain and I got them off Ebay.  The toiletries are from SyreetasMiniatures and Villa Miniature.  The towels on the shelf and cosmetics on the sink are from Villa Miniature as well.  The folded knit blankets on the bottom shelf are from Fabulously Flawed Mini.  I could spend way too much money in her shop because everything is so cute!  The orchid is from Diane Paone Miniatures.

Remy LeBeau is sitting in the laundry basket as cats tend to do.  He's from the incomparable Maya Schippl.  She sells on Ebay generally and you have to keep watch for her.  Now and then she'll offer commissions for auction.  That's how I got Remy and Marie.

The bedroom was a little dark so I made another lamp using one of the LED bulbs and some beads and jewelry findings.

I added the lamp, accessories and cosmetics to the bureau and glued them down.  I got the bureau and matching mirror from Ebay and can't remember the seller I'm sorry to say.

The beads are from Keli and the jewelry box is from UOLHKscalefurniture.  The nail polish and cosmetics are from Villa Miniature.  The iPhone is from LiLu Miniature.  The tissue holder and portrait are from Reutter Porcelain and the candy dish is from Chrynsbon.  The candy dish is being used to hold bobby pins and other miscellaneous beauty supplies.

Once I got everything situated on the bureau I put it into the bedroom and got all the artwork set up on the walls and the bed, chair and lamp cabinet added. 

The bed I've show you before and the sources for the bedding and afghan are here.  I made the chair and lamp cabinet.  The lamp is from Reutter Porcelain and the battery is hidden in the cabinet.   The Eiffel towers are jewelry findings with the loops snipped off.  The books are from LDelaney (who is based in New Orleans, LA, interestingly enough).  The designer purse is from audretsatelier who sells on Ebay.

The Mardi Gras masques are from Reutter Porcelain and the fan is a brooch from my grandmother made out of mother of pearl.  The rug is from kathiecrisan.   Lounging on the bed and looking quite comfortable is Alistair.  He's very dapper and sweet, another of the wonderful Maya's creations, and he likes to hang out wherever there's a nice soft place and feet he might be able to sprawl across.  And sitting by the door, after having knocked over a shoe or two is Marie.  She's also from Maya and arrived along with Remy who's favorite spot (as we've seen) is the laundry basket.  Marie likes to hang out on the balcony and she's just waiting for the doors to open.

The shoes, of which there are many, are from YinyingO.  I seriously have a problem resisting these gorgeous little things.  The joke is I need them in miniature and also in RL size nine.  They're that gorgeous.  See?

They arrive in adorable little shoe boxes with tissue paper just like real shoes.  Here are the other two pair that are in the room.  One set will probably get moved to inside the front door in the living room.  Our lady tends to kick them off when she gets home from work and put them away later.

You may have noticed I've also gotten the wall that opens cleaned up inside, the wood and tape doesn't show and everything is framed off in white.  It looks a lot cleaner now so I'm pretty pleased.  So where are we with the list?

Glue in curtains

Age Roof
Trim (bedroom ceiling and outer walls)

Gutters & downspouts (paint and age first)
Eaves & Age Eaves
Roof of back door
Light for back door
Add flowerbeds & vines.

Add Rust
Add Moss to flower beds & foundation.
Wire living room lamp to battery in table.

Clean up the inside of the opening wall so the raw wood and tape doesn't show,
Finalize furniture arrangement-bedroom
Add bedroom and bathroom accessories.
Finalize furniture-living room
Add living room accessories & stick down.
Add kitchen accessories and cabinet by sink.
Make cushion for purchased balcony chair
Finalize balcony and add accessories.
Get base cut down and add concrete texture.
Glue down landscaping and steps to doors.
Mostly little things to finish up.  It looks like more than it is since I split out the rooms.

That's my progress for the week so far!  Hope you're all having a great weekend.  They're never long enough but they're fun while they last.


  1. Kitty in the laundry -- always, always, always. :\ Those shoes are gorgeous! All the details you've added are lovely!

    1. Oh yes... my cats won't leave the laundry room sometimes. And clean laundry is even better.

      I love those shoes, I could spend way too much money in her shop if I'm not careful. You all advised me to not spare the details so I've been trying to make everything as realistic and layered as possible.

  2. The cats are a sweet addition - I always prefer to see animals in a miniature build over dolls. Each detail is well thought out and adds to the story of the home owner. Lovely, Sheila =0)

    1. Thank you! I don't like dolls much either, they never look realistic, especially modern dolls.

      The best advice all of you more experienced miniaturists was to pay attention to the details so I've been doing my best.

  3. Wow, I'm amazed how realistic the shrubbery looks now. I'm going to remember that trick.

    The bathroom looks fantastic. The orchid is wonderfully spotlighted by the window, and the cat in the basket is the perfect touch. Just the right number of accessories. Well done.

    The only thing I feel is off in the bedroom is my beads. They don't drape right. Sigh. The kitties look cozy, those shoes are crazy good, and the bottles of nail polish on the dresser make the room look lived in. Nice job with the lamp.

    Wonderful details :)

    1. Yeah it's just glue with some greenish foam crumble sprinkled over it. But it seemed to work pretty well for making the bushes look a bit overgrown.

      I really worried about the bathroom, my own has stuff everywhere but that doesn't translate well to miniature.

      I love your beads... but I didn't want to wreck them by gluing them down. But I've got the idea that I could always just have them sitting on the box or the bureau.

      Thank you so much. Your advice has really been paying off.

  4. Me encanta el trabajo que estás haciendo, tu baño es de ensueño, los zapatos de locura y ese gatito es una preciosidad. Gracias por toda la información que aportas. Feliz semana:-)

  5. The details are adding up to a warm and lovely home! I love all of the little touches you're adding! Thanks for sharing the links, too! Buying mini things and having them to look forward to always cheers me up!

    1. Thank you! I have way too much fun mini shopping so I like to share where I got everything.

  6. Oh
    How did I miss this post? Where do begin?
    The shoes are gorgeous! They add so much to the room. Like the little person just left. The cats have such personality. All of the details in the bedroom and bathroom are fantastic. Well thought out. One of the first things I noticed about the bathroom was the orchid, so I'd say that was a good switch. All of your accessories are so perfect. And your lamp looks great!
    One quick thing, I noticed the center bottom knob on the dresser looks like it's missing. Not that you can tell in the room picture, just wanted to mention it if you hadn't noticed it. If you did notice, just ignore my rambling ;)

    Oh, and thanks for all the new places to spend money. My wallet thanks you, lol!

    1. You've been a bit busy yourself!

      LOL you're very welcome. Why should I be the only one to benefit from mini shoppers links?

      I love that orchid. I want to have an orchid in every house these days.

      Oh the center knob on the dresser is definitely missing. I've got to either cut down a brass nail or maybe add some fabric to the drawer and leave it half out