Sunday, October 30, 2016

Minor Repairs & A Project

My Building Inspector (otherwise known as the calico Tali Zorah Vas'Normandy) has been very busy trying to inspect, investigate and... well demolish isn't quite the word but it's close.  So my husband got me a grill cover. 

Oh yeah, you read that right.  A very large, waterproof, sturdy, grill cover. 

The first night I used it, Tali climbed up on top of the dollhouse and looked a little confused.  That's what I want.  Confusion to the Building Inspector. 

There was just one issue.

You recall I had hooks on the balcony posts to hold hanging plants?


They're stuck on with Sticky Tacky glue and since they're metal they're pretty unforgiving of movement. 

Yep, you guessed it, the grill cover knocked them right off.

So today when I started work I decided I was going to do something about that.  Drilling holes through the metal wasn't easy but I managed it.

And now the glue is drying and the screws are in. 

I'll prime them and get them painted black metallic so the screws don't stand out too much.  But the important thing is that when I put the cover back on the house this evening I didn't hear any ominous clangs of metal hitting the table.

I also have been wanting to make a French Press coffee pot like Elizabeth did.  I had to improvise with a few of the pieces but all in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.



Not bad for my first attempt.  I need to get some more metal and try again if I have time.  It's one of those details that I wanted but didn't have time for until now. 

And that wraps up October for me.  Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary which will be celebrated as usual by giving away candy.

Candy I cannot eat.  Husband and I are doing South Beach since we're both quite overweight and our doctor has said firmly (very firmly) that we cannot continue as we were.  So, no carbs, no sugars for us.  At least not for another week.  We started this while we were on vacation which felt like the worst vacation ever.  But he says he feels better and he's definitely sleeping better so even if I'm not losing weight as rapidly as he is, we'll keep going with it.  We're definitely saving money since we can't eat out yet.

So wish us luck. 

And have a Happy Halloween!


  1. Good for you guys! My husband always loses weight faster than me. Your French press is adorable. Good job! Hope you have a fabulous anniversary!

    1. Thank you!

      My husband is slightly disadvantaged in that he has a lot more weight to lose. We might just even out between the two of us.

  2. Hi Sheila! I think that your abstaining from eating any of the candy which you are going to be giving out is a good one albeit quite the challenge. Even so, your health comes FIRST so Stay Strong!
    I am VERY HAPPY that you decided to give my French Press tutorial a try and I hope you had as much fun making yours as I did. :)
    As you read in my post, it took me at least 6 tries before I was satisfied with my coffee pot and even after I had posted that tutorial, I took all 4 apart and remade every single one of them, so just know that any others you may decide to make will not only be quicker but a lot easier too! :D
    Your idea for a the grill cover for your New Orleans house is a Really good one and will save you much heart-ache in the long run, because Cats WILL BE Cats
    -or unlicensed "building inspectors!" if they get that opportunity ;P


    1. Have to give my husband credit for the grill cover since he came up with the idea.

      I cheated with the candy, didn't buy any that I really liked. So I'm hoping that will help.

      I did have fun with the tutorial...I need to try it again when I have time, but it was a nice little project for a day when I didn't want to work too hard.

  3. Happy Anniversary! And I wish you great success on your healthy lifestyle changes! It is hard at times, but the benefits you get are really worth the effort to overcome weak moments!

    1. thank you! It's hard... and amazing how many darn fast food ads there are when you're trying to watch a game.

  4. Happy Anniversary! :D

    Your grill cover reminds me of a story from the Newport mansions. Since they were always trying to keep up with the Vanderbilts, people would erect huge screens to block out new buildings going up to save for the big reveal. And, if all else fails, BRIBE the inspector with tuna treats.

    1. Thank you! LOL, I wish I had big screens to keep things concealed.

      Bribing the inspector doesn't seem to work. She takes it as her due and goes right back to inspecting.