Saturday, July 9, 2016

Window Latches & Handles

So just a quick post... My Shapeways order arrived!  Very excited.

So I immediately went through the little bags and started to work on them.

Just a quick recap, these are the window details that Marion found and worked with her designer to make.  They're gorgeously detailed and you can see them here

And since my house is set in New Orleans and needs a French flavor I immediately decided I couldn't live without them in my house.  So I ordered them in black.  I figured that way, all I need to do is add some polyurethane finish and they're done. No need to paint.

Please forgive me if you can't see the details too well. I'm still getting to know my Nikon.  I love it but every now and then I think I need tutorial in getting tiny details in focus.

I'm not completely thrilled, to me they don't look as nice as Marion's painted ones. And they were pricey.  But the shape of them is perfect even if some of the tiny details seem to get lost.

Cutting the little pieces off the extra plastic 'frame' was painstaking and I needed to get a brush and sweep away some excess plastic dust.  Which occasionally led to white plastic showing under the black, like the little white dot on the above lock/slide. 

I'm wondering if a layer of black metallic paint will help or if it would just make things messier. This was the first time Shapeways had printed in the black plastic so that might be an issue.

In the meantime I'm going to work with what I have and start getting my windows and doors finished.  I just need to hunt down my black jewelry wire.  Twelve gauge is too big and twenty is too small.  If I don't have anything in between I foresee a trip to Joann's tonight or tomorrow when I have the car.

Yes, you heard me right, we're a one car family for the moment.  Something electrical happened with the little black car (which is newer than the still working one, go figure) and it died.  Soooo... we're carpooling.  Thankfully we now work in the same town and that's a lot more doable than when I worked thirty miles away from home (which equals two hours of driving per day).

So for the rest of the day I'll clean up and polish my little door parts.  Try to find my wire.  And install the bathroom overhead light in the dollhouse.  Plenty to keep me busy.


So I took Shannon's suggestion of dry brushing some dark metallic paint onto the pieces to bring out the details.  I think it's worked pretty well.


  1. Hi Sheila. If you dry brush a metalic silver or gunmetal colour, or flat grey if you didn't want a sheen, the detail will stand out better. They will look AMAZING when up on your windows. I want some too, but too poor at the moment! What a pain with just one car, but that happens, doesn't it? Take care and enjoy your weekend!

    1. I'll have to try that. I've got some pewter colored paint...that could work mixed with a little black metallic... give it a little more detail. Have to try it.


    2. sheila, to have them printed single instead of batched is more expensive - found that out. hence them being attached to each other.
      not sure if you got my ealier comment: I painted mine with gun metal (printed them in white) because 'off the press' they are just dull. make sure though that your paint is not too thick...
      I am sure that this will work.
      and for wire: 1mm...

      I hope if works out for you as well :-)

    3. Oh yes... I had most of them printed in batches. But having them done in black was more expensive than the white. So far the dark silver metallic dry-brushed on like Shannon suggested is bringing out the detail without hiding all of the black that I wanted to see.

      And yes! I have 1mm wire! I was so excited when I reread your post and saw that's what you wanted to use. Because that I have. We call it 20 gauge over here. Don't ask me why. Makes no sense.

  2. I was going to suggest not painting, but Shannon and Marion were right, it brought out the details wonderfully. I'm gonna zip my lips ;)

    1. It was kind of a relief... Otherwise they would have looked like little blobs on the windows and doors.