Sunday, December 13, 2015

Submitted My Entry... And...

Oh man do I have a problem.  All I can think of is where can I move the creating contest house so I can have my table to work on another project!  One where I can relax and have fun with it.  I really want to try something smaller. 

The house has an official name now, The Architect's Abode.  So if I start another Creatin' Contest I'll try to keep it smaller and change the labels on these posts to reflect that.  Fun right?

I took a few more pictures after Jodi sent me a link and the advice really helped!  These are cleaned up a bit and sooner or later I'll work on getting a better backdrop. I should go by Ross and find a nice white sheet to put up on the wall.  Or something...

For are a few more pictures, and I can relax.  Thanks for all the encouragement and sympathy!


I messed with the camera until I got rid of the date stamp.  Thank God!

This has been doubly insane because I've been sick since late Thursday night and finally don't have a fever today.  Nothing like moving a dollhouse around and around when you're feeling like you want to keel over. 

Thanks again everybody.  I really appreciate the support. 


  1. Really nice, Sheila! The lighting is great! When I entered a couple years ago I didn't put much thought into my photos, and they just didn't communicate the feeling I was going for. I recently purchased one of those science project report tri-fold thingies and three different poster backgrounds. So far, I've only set it up to take photos once, but they were much better! Brae has a helpful post on her blog, and that's what made me rethink my photos and try to learn a bit about taking better ones. I'm glad the article helped you!

  2. Sheila, I just found your blog. Your build is wonderful; so much to see. Did you know HBS/ issued an "official" tag to use so everyone can find your work #HBSCreatinContest2015
    Might be worthwhile to go back and re-tag your posts. Love what you've done with this kit!

  3. Oh noes on being ill. :[ Your build turned out great! Wow -- that has to be huge! You have so many great details! Bravo! Feel better soon!

  4. Nice job on the Architect's Abode! People always seem to think that miniatures are small...sometimes they are huge! I always have trouble finding a place for my houses and end up selling them. Of course I end up wishing I hadn't sold them.

  5. OMG!!! The art room is genius! You did such an amazing job! Miss you!!!