Thursday, December 10, 2015

Roof Garden in Progress

I'll admit that this is the part of the house I worried about the most.  Not the getting it done part.  No, I'm fairly confident that I'll finish it. 

I'm concerned with cat predation.  You see, Tali is just a little too interested in the flowers.  So in between working days the roof is covered with plastic and taped down.

The roof garden is an exercise in container gardening as I learnt it in my horticulture class. (Yes, a science credit and no dissection or chemicals!)  So I blocked off the areas for the beds and build up what would (in a real flowerbed) earth/dirt with florists foam. I covered that with glue and then sprinkled rubberized mulch over it.  I can't find the product anymore and I wonder if its been discontinued.  It's not this mulch, it's smaller and darker colored and looks more like soil than actual mulch.  I'm a little bummed that I can't find more.

But after I got the flower beds build up I put some flowers I'd bought from HBS Miniatures into a few strategic spots and build up the rest of the flowers around them. 

I was so busy getting this done that I didn't take any in progress pictures. So here's some of the finished flowerbeds.

The edges of the roof are still raggety and I need to fix that.  And I will.  But first I wanted to get my patio tile down.  I bought some on Ebay and then some from HBS Miniatures and they were two different colors.  So I cut them up.  And voila!

I'll grout tonight and then hunt down my picnic table.  I've got some furniture and a little fireplace for in the empty corner.  That's also tiled in the darker terracotta. 

So far I'm fairly pleased with how it looks.

Much nicer than the yard of my actual house. 

After this is done, all that's left is the grass for the front of the house and some pavers going up to the porch. Easy peasy. (I hope.)


  1. It feels great to be so close to the finish line, doesn't it! :D

    1. It really does. I just have some things that need to be stuck down, because y'know, cats! And then a little bit of clean up and spot painting. Then pictures! The pictures for the entry make me so nervous.