Saturday, December 12, 2015


Wow!  I'm done.  Pictures taken, artwork put up, garden furniture in place... I'm a little overwhelmed.  Got the digital camera working and hopefully everything uploads the way I want.  I can only submit four pictures so they've got to be four good ones.  God help me.  I'm gonna need it.

So here we have the entire back of the house.

I'm a little worried the detail will be lost but I can't do much about it.
Ignore the erroneous date stamp.  The camera is not behaving itself.

I'm going to just put up everything I've got and hopefully all of you will enjoy.

And there we have it folks.  Now I've got to go through these and pick four to submit.  Won't that be a joy?

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow! Beautiful! You have so much patience. This is awesome!

  2. I can't believe all of the little details! You could just find new things for hours!
    I've been exploring tips on taking and editing photos of miniatures. I did not know how much I did not know! I found some helpful information in the link here. I hope it will help you in the contest! Good luck!

  3. Sheila, you should be really proud of your house. You can see just how much thought and detail you've put into every room. It's amazing to think that it started with a simple kit and now...I love how you incorporated two styles to make one very modern and stylish building. I loved watching it evolve. Well done and good luck with the competition =0)X

  4. Picking the four submission pictures is not an easy task, is it?

    You've put a lot of hard work into the house, good luck!