Friday, December 18, 2015

Hmmm...I'm thinking

And thinking...about the newest Creating Contest kit.  It's called the Backyard Bungalow Kit.  I'm not terribly impressed so far.  Though I do like the shape of the windows.

The dimensions are 12 1/2"W x 11"H x 20"D which is a decent size.  So I bought two of the kits...I have the idea of a smaller entry than the Architects Abode.  Maybe a two story house? Or a shop with an apartment above it?  Still thinking.

The husband is enabling me again.  'Buy what you want.'  Dangerous words really.  But he knows I love this stuff and it could be a lot of fun to do an New Orleans style building with the wrought iron railings.  A pretty curlicue above the entry?  A townhouse maybe? 

Still considering.

Here are some more pictures of the kit.  I'm in love with the shape of the windows.  That's why I bought two kits so I would have enough windows if I did a second floor.  The rest of it... well we'll see.  There's a reason why its a base kit.

I also want to work on one of the Ashley cottages I bought at auction. 
I want a fairytale cottage with murals on the walls and pretty a guest cottage on castle grounds or something.  So the next contest build is not going to take up my entire table.  I want room for a couple of projects.  Not just one big one.  


  1. See if there's a contest for a houseboat or beach house... that would be exciting! :)

  2. But if not, I vote for the Fairytale cottage and also the New Orleans style building! Lol

  3. I need to get my order placed for the contest house. I wish they'd sell an extra windows kit, but the contest kits are so cheap it makes it easy to get a second one. I bought two kits last year for just that reason. :)

    1. I wondered where you'd gotten the extra windows! I was thinking maybe you'd made them yourself.

      I did order two kits...since you're right, they are cheap. I kinda miss the days of the base kit and then you can order the finishing stuff for extra. But since they still have leftovers from two contests ago I'm not surprised they stopped.