Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Shingles & Going A Shade Darker

So this week, not a ton of progress, I spent most of my time writing and figuring something out for the roof.

But I did get another section mostly done, and the half shingles onto the section I'd worked on last week.  See?

Lots of tedious sawing and sandpapering involved here.
And also here, the 'addition' part of the house.  Just need to do the cut down top row.

Not bad right?
Notice how brown everything looks though?  I really don't care for that too much.  So I mixed up some, a little white and some of the dark blue that's on the trim and corbels to give it the right hue.

By the way, old Cool Whip containers... awesome for this purpose.  Just don't expect to use it again afterwards.  But on the plus side there's a lid and the paint stays viable in the fridge. 

So here is the result of the paint job I did on the roof.  This is the first side of the roof I completed by the way.

Not perfect but it looks marginally better to me.  I need to touch things up a bit.
I figured out that dry brushing works the best for this, it keeps the wood grain showing somewhat and that prevents the roof from looking too flat.

Maybe this will give you a better idea.  This is the front part I just completed before the paint.

See? Very brown.

And after I dry brushed the paint onto the shingles.

Again, not perfect but better than it was.
Part of the reason I've been busy and haven't done as much with the dollhouse is I've been chasing a kitten all over.

We got snow here on Christmas Day.  By the way, I moved to Texas to get away from snow.  I do not embrace the cold, ice, or any form of frozen/crystalized water whatsoever.

The kitten (six month old calico) is named Tali.  I may have mentioned her?  Well Tali had never seen snow.  She stared at it out the window for HOURS.  She wasn't freaked, this cat doesn't get freaked about anything, but she was reallly fascinated.

You can't see the snow falling but its on the ground so assume it's coming from the sky.
Here's one where she's looking at me for an explanation of this phenomenon.

Mommy? What in the name of the dear and fluffy lord is this?
Of course she does other things... climbs on the tops of doors for example.  She's very adventurous that way. how do I get down?
Mommy lifts her down, that's how.

By the way, Tali likes to steal the mini make up brushes from Mommy's bathroom and carry them around in her mouth.  Daddy says its because she wants to be pretty like Mommy.  He's started singing 'I Feel Pretty' whenever he sees her doing this.

Daddy really can't carry a tune so its disturbing for everyone involved.

And those are our adventures for the week.

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