Sunday, December 16, 2012

Papering the Walls

Hello all... I'm a little tired this weekend.

I am only partially ashamed to say that I did not accomplish anything with the dollhouse this weekend.  I wrote quite a bit, so much so that I got very little sleep, but the dollhouse... well until I get Christmas all situated the dollhouse might be delayed somewhat.

I did however get the wallpaper I ordered for the house.  So I'm going to show you that.

As you'll recall, I'm doing the living room/parlor in red and gold.  So, gold curtains, red cushions... rug to match... and here's the wallpaper I picked out.

I think it'll go very nicely in the living room don't you?

I also found something that was just gorgeous for the master bedroom.  On sale too.  A very nice blue and white.  I loved the pattern too.

Reminds me a little bit of the wallpaper in the room I had at home.  Very pretty.

So now dining room is also going to be red and gold, not sure how much red but a little bit at least.  And I wanted something a little bit brighter.  So I chose this... elegant but still not as dark as the parlor will be.

The library I was really torn.  I finally decided that I'd go with something a little different.  This paper is called Green Hyde Park and it seemed suitably masculine as well as elegant.  I think the redwood furniture will go well with it.  A nice contrast.  And then I'll look around for some fabric for curtains that matches nicely.  Something dark and suitably masculine since the bedoom is so feminine.

The last room I bought paper for is the girls room on the top floor.  Since her room will be green and pink I thought a nice floral pattern would be appropriate.  Its a sweet pattern and I really liked the colors.


Oh, a few more things to show you,  a different carpet for the libary.  I think I'll end up using a green satin or something in a very deep red to go along with this and the wallpaper but I think it'll work.

And the rug that came with the dining set I ordered was awful and starting to lose its fringe.  I found another one that will work in the dining room and still is in keeping with the gold and red scheme.

So that's what I have to show you today.  I'm hoping by next week to have at least some of the shingles on the house and show you how they look and what I want to do with them.  I think you'll approve.

Oh, the library furniture, I don't know if you remember, but the desk, a book shelf and some chairs I ordered are a very red wood.  I'm debating if I want to get some brown or black stain and wash it over the existing wood to darken it up slightly.  I'd love a few opinions.  I may have to test this on one of the chairs since I'm not terribly thrilled with them as library chairs anyway.  I'm planning on finding some stuffed furniture for the library. My boss gave me a bunch of dollhouse furniture that belonged to her daughter at one point.  I may re-upholster a chair or two if they'll work in the library in different colors.

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