Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snug as a Rug

Hey so I'm totally excited that the rugs I ordered came. (And wow was that opening a flashback to the eighties or what?)

No, see a while back I ordered some rugs from a merchant on Ebay based in Turkey and this weekend they finally arrived.  Since nothing else went as I planned this weekend I was grateful that one thing worked out.  Otherwise you would have had some goofy post about my cats, video games or tv shows to read.  If the rugs hadn't arrived you might have just had to put up with some of my actual writing as opposed to my blogging. 

So last week I talked about the color schemes for some of the rooms and how I planned to use my fabrics.  This week I'll show you the rugs and hopefully you'll start to get a better idea of how I want the rooms to look.

So first up is what I have planned for the living room.  I think with the red velvet couches and gold and cream curtains that the rug will really pull everything together.

I really liked the cream and gold along with the maroon.

Next is the master bedroom.  If you recall I'm doing that in pale blue and ivory with darker wood furniture so I really thing the rug will go nicely with that.  The gold is predominant too so if I ever want to change the color scheme for the bedroom I could.  So that's kinda nice.  But I really like how the blue and cream looks.

The gold is pronounced but I really like the blue and cream.
Next is the rug I'll be using in the library.  It's got some nice dark blue and almost purple tones to it while there's some dark red as well so its fairly masculine and appropriate for the library which I'm figuring is going to be the man's domain.

See what I mean about the dark colors?
I don't have a picture of the rug for the dining room, it came along with a set of furniture and is still packed up.  Not sure if I'll use it or not.  I also have a  smaller blue rug that I got from Hobby Lobby and that'll go into the upstairs hallway.  This rug is really gorgeous too so I'm debating if I'd rather use this in the library.  Love to get a few opinions on that.

Nice dark red and medium blue
This last rug was sent along as a bonus for ordering the other rugs and its got such a nice shade of green I'm thinking of using it for the attic hall /sewing nook.  That's just outside the girl's bedroom and it'll tie in nicely with the green I want to use in there.  I've ordered another rug just for her rooom but it 's coming from Canada and hasn't arrived.

See? Love the green in this.

So that's pretty much it for today folks.  Sorry, not  a lot of progress but I'll leave you with one last picture so you can appreciate exactly why I'm working on the dollhouse case albeit slowly.

I'm really enjoying my dollhouse Mommy.
Okay, two pictures...because I got her to look at me in one and usually she ignores me.

Yes Mommy, this dollhouse will suffice for me

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