Sunday, September 9, 2012

Onward and...Backwards?

So I'm still working on the case for the dollhouse.  I've hit a minor snag, or a not so minor snag when it comes to cutting the Plexiglas.  I think I need a sharper or better (something with an -er on the end) in order to get this stuff cut without breaking my arm or the Plexiglas.  The cutting tool I have isn't doing it. 

On the plus side I do have the whole thing framed up and its fairly sturdy.  I originally thought I'd have to have angled corner braces for the crossbeams but I found some metal braces at the Home Depot and they worked a treat.  So here is the dollhouse case in all its unfinished glory.

Yes, I know, it's glorious. I'm very proud.
 Miho regards everything in the house as hers and so has decided to inspect the case to see if it passes muster for sitting.

This time she didn't want to look at the camera. "Mommy if they can't
see my face they don't know its me breaking the rules."  Right.
Since cutting the Plexiglass is waiting on either stronger arms or a better cutting tool, I went through my fabrics again in an attempt to determine exactly what I'm doing to do for curtains and such in the house.  My options are slightly limited by the color of the furnishings I already have, though those can be changed and I'm debating what I'd like to do.  The main parlor/living room will be in a nice dark red, with mahogany wood.  I don't have any fabric to match that but I thought gold might be nice for the drapes since I have a pretty satin in that color and I could make pillows and find a rug with gold and cream along with red to tie it all together.  Here's my fabric, obviously I won't be using the calico for drapes in the parlor.

The center is the gold satin, the left side is a plale yellow linen.  The darker ribbon
a deep brown gossgrain that would be a nice contrast if I went in that direction.
The dining room came with red seats to the chairs, and I could leave them like that if I wanted, it is a very Victorian color, dark, dramatic, goes with the gothic style of the house.  I'm debating that though, maybe using the gold on the seats and for the curtains again.  I'm not sure about that yet.  It really depends on the rug and what I like at the time.

The master bedroom I'm fairly decided on though.  I've got a fourposter bed with canopy and the bedding comes in an ivory satin.  I don't want to redo the canopy of the bed, so I'm planning on augmenting the bedding with a pale blue with white lace.  I've got a pale blue gauze which will work very well for the curtains again with white lace beneath them. The wood of the bedroom set is dark in the Victorian style so I want to offset that a bit with pale colors for the bedding.

It's hard to tell but the gauze is on the left and the cotton is on the right.  I like the colors a lot.
 The library is the other room that'll have quite a few windows, I'm putting it at the front of the house and so it'll have that nice three window bay area towards the front.  It's sort of a masculine domain so I'm not sure what I'll want for the curtains.  The wood of the desk and bookshelves are a nice reddish cherry stain, so I can't go with red for the drapes.  I was thinking of a brown or taupe.  I have a wide ribbon with a thin almost plaid going through it so I was debating using that.  I still have to find fabric in the right colors, nothing in my boxes really fits.  The only other thing I could think of was using some of this grey I have, with a black satin ribbon trim.  But to me it looks more like suiting material than drapperies.

See what I mean?  I'd almost rather make a couple of uniforms for a maid than drapes.
In contrast the girl's room above the master bedroom is fairly easy.  It comes with white and pink with bits of green on the bedding.  I thought I'd use a pale green satin I have and add off white fabric for more bedding.  My other option was to get rid of the bedding that comes with the furniture and go with a pretty blue again, something a bit darker maybe with touches of pink if I felt like buying new fabric.  Have to look at the remnant bins at JoAnn's and see but here's the green I thought about using.

It actually looks a lot darker than it is, the problem with a flash or no flash.

 The kitchen I'm still planning to have in blue and white, a nice homage to my Grandma who had a blue and white kitchen in her house and in the dollhouse we did together.

The upstairs hallway I'll do in shades of blue, I've got a nice little rug and that'll be a good space for it.  The attic hall outside the girls room I'm planning to use as a sewing nook.  So I'll keep it fairly light with a lace sheer for the window and pale curtains.  I've got a fairly gorgous purple satin but I can't think of anywhere I'd use it in the dollhouse just yet. 

See what I mean? Gorgeous but it doesn't really match much, unless I did the
dining room in purple and gold...sounds a little too New Orleans to me though.
One last option for the library, though I was thinking this fabric seemed more like a dress to me, calico curtains look more country than Victorian to me.

See what I mean?  The trim matches perfectly but I'm not sure about the print for a man's library.
Maybe if I used it as wallpaper and had black or dark blue for the drapes...

Well that's it for today, maybe next week I'll have more progress on the case and I'll be able to work on the dollhouse again.  Miho anxiously awaits to see what she can get into next.

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