Friday, June 29, 2012

A Lot of Stuff...

So a lot of stuff has been going on here.  The breakdown of the waterheater was followed less than two weeks later by a backup of the sewer line.  Apparently when we get dry summers in TX the tree roots just gravitate towards the sewer line.  And that does not equal a good thing.

So that had to be fixed.  Oh yeah, more money down the drain.  It's almost literal in this case.

Then we have a cat that's very old.  Well, old for a cat.  Spike was born (as near as we can figure) in 1998.  That makes him about fourteen years old.  Considering he probably spent the first year of his life outdoors he wasn't doing too badly.  He's had a couple of surgeries, one to remove a lump that was probably cancer, and other to remove bladder stones, and he's been on special food ever since. 

But he's a sweetheart and loves everybody including the new sissy who isn't thrilled by anyone who isn't her mommy or daddy.  And he's happy as long as his people are willing to pet him and give him some attention, even if it just means hanging out on the couch or by our feet when we're watching TV.  He's also a fairly hefty cat, and enjoys his food.  If I'm cooking he's in the kitchen hoping I'll drop something.

So when he started sleeping under the bed and not coming out unless I went and talked to him we knew something was wrong.  This is not typical Spike behavior.

After an overnight stay with the vet, an x-ray, iv's and a few other things to figure out what was wrong and get him feeling a little better we were able to take him home.  But we've been warned, our time with him is limited.  We've got medicine to address the problem he's having and he seems to have perked up a bit, but he's still got issues and its obvious.

But he's also still Spike, proven by his interestin a soup can and licking the broth out of it, to the point of sticking his head all the way in and sitting back so he was practically wearing the can.  As long as he's doing things like that, i.e. interested in food, we're doing okay.

Thankfully I got a promotion at work that was reflected in my paycheck this Friday.  That helps financially.  Emotionally and mentally we're all exhausted.  The promotion is great and the work is interesting, but I'm still working my old job during the bulk of my time because we haven't hired anyone for the position yet.

So we've all had our ups and downs this week.  But things are almost normal again.  Here's hoping this weekend is better than the last one!

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