Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting Ahead of Myself

Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm not the most patient person in the world.  Really.  Ask ANYONE who works with me or is related to me.  Heck, ask my cats, I'm sure they have an opinion. (Anybody who has cats can tell you they always have an opinion whether you want to hear it or not.)

Maybe I should clarify.  With some things I have no patience; traffic, restaurants (though I'm minutely better than my husband) rude people, stupid people, computers...the list goes on and on. You get the idea.  And for this I don't really apologize.  I go through life making every attempt to obey the law, be polite and considerate, and pay my bills.  I expect others to do the same and I'm disappointed quite a bit these days.  Turn signals are a thing of the past, no one uses their inside voice in restaurants (maybe I should say that the outside voices are the new inside voices) and everyone seems to have given their children carte blanche to behave badly.

Is it any wonder I like to stay home and plan things to do that involve minimal outside contact?

I do have patience with some things.  For instance I know that unless I'm Tony Stark a dollhouse isn't built in a day.  I can happily spend days sewing tiny jointed teddy bears by hand.  I spent months making doll clothes for my niece's doll. (Actually that required my husband's patience more than mine, but you get the idea.)

That doesn't mean that I don't put the cart before the horse now and then.  See the dollhouse is still in its two boxes.  I'm still trying to figure out the dimensions for the protective/display case to keep the dollhouse in. (Yeah that sentence was grammatically ugly, I know, get off my back.)  And yet...I've now purchased two dolls and another piece of furniture for the dollhouse.  The results of my folly are displayed below.
A nice Victorian lady.

See, a very nice Victorian man.
I only had one bureau and the bedroom is pretty big soo...
So now I am resolved that I'll at least get the measurements of the case figured out and possibly the materials purchased for the case.  The dining room table is mostly cleared off and my next cleaning project is my desk so hopefully I'll be able to make a good start on the case.

See what I mean? Cart before the horse. No patience... Eh, what's life without whimsy right?

But I am pretty excited about some other stuff I bought.  Had this great idea for hats...for the dolls in the dollhouse... see the lady doll I bought has removable wouldn't it be nice that she have a new hat?  Something in keeping with the Texas climate I think... Hmm...

Yeah... I know.  For someone with an Associates degree in Accounting I really don't seem too organized do I? 

I never claimed to be normal. Or sane.

But at least I'm not boring.

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