Friday, June 22, 2012

Advice Is Always Free

So we're now officially having Summer in Texas.  And for all of you who are not in Texas I'll let you know a few things about my adopted state.

There are a lot of white cars here.  At first I thought it was because white makes everything look bigger.  It only took one Texas summer before I remembered that white doesn't absorb the heat the way other colors do.  White and silver are two of the most popular car colors down here.

If you must have a car in the color other than silver or white, don't buy a black car.  Trust me on this.  You can blast the A/C, park in the shade, put sunscreens in the windshield and you will still end up driving in a pool of perspiration if you have a black car.

Ask me how I know this.  Go on, ask.  I dare you.

You guessed it.  I drive a black car.  The husband always wanted one and when we had to buy a new car that's what we got.  So I get to drive the newer car because I drive farther to work.  As I sit in this black car, with black upholstery and a black dashboard I really start thinking I did not get the better part of this deal.

My brother covered up lousy upholstery in one of his first cars with teeshirts.  I'm thinking I might adopt something like that, just to see if it helps.  It certainly couldn't hurt.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to make a case for this dollhouse.  I'm wondering if putting all four sides on hinges so I can get at the house will work?  I've established that I need a wooden frame anyway.  Why not have hinges so I can open each side?  I'm hoping that will work instead of putting the house on a lazy susan.  If I did that the case would have to be something like four and a half feet square so the house could rotate fully.  That would mean when I build it, I'd be leaning into the case two feet on each side.

My back dislikes the idea of leaning.  My neck too.  Actually all of me dislikes it. 

So that's the latest.  And if anyone has suggestions about reducing heat in the car or making a case for this dollhouse I'd be more than happy to hear them.  I'd like to get started on this project before I turn another year older.

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