Saturday, July 7, 2012

And Now for Something More Fun

So the dollhouse still isn't assembled... still working on that... yeah, I'm slow.  And I like to write a lot so when its quiet in the house I tend to get a lot of writing done.  Makes for slow house construction.
But what I did do was buy a few more things for the dollhouse.  At the rate I'm going it'll be fully furnished before its put together.

A few things for the kitchen.  Including this gorgeous dish set.  It has fifty pieces to it...I'm amazed at the level of detail.  Teeny tiny blue flowers!


And then we've got a very nice stove...more Victorian than the other one I had which I like just fine, but I think the new one suits the house a little more.

The doors work and everything which is cool.  And it looks a little less 'frontier' than the stove I had.

One more thing which I liked because it uses two different color woods which I really like.  I don't think kitchens should be too matchy matchy because they're supposed to be practical, not perfect.  So this is good for my new little kitchen, blonde wood and dark wood.

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