Monday, May 25, 2020

Surfaces and Miscellaneous Pieces

Well the saying is 'a day late and a dollar short' I guess I owe everyone a dollar.  I'm good for it, I promise.

I spent part of the weekend assembling furniture.  Unfortunately 1:1 size, not 1:12.  But we needed the shelves and the extra drawers so it had to be done.  But the rest of the weekend I worked on the chamber.

I started by adding the crown molding to the end walls.

Then I began to add the little pieces I've collected to the mantle and the desk.

Then I added some of the books to the end shelf.

I had a few other little pieces that I added when things looked a little bare.

You know that I debated removing a leg from the chaise and propping it up with books.  I decided it was too much fun to not do.  So I broke one off partway and added the books.  Then because it looked good I added the glass and decanter of absinthe.

You'll recall my list from last week and I have managed to cross several things off it.

I found a gold bug and it's on a little stand to go on one of the shelves.  The model air balloon you can see on the desk.  The Purloined letter is on the mantle with the magnifying glass and skull.  I had a little green bottle and rolled up some paper to make the message in a bottle.

The box of teeth... well I made a box.  And a little cushion to go inside.  Then painted it black.  But I wanted something to jazz it up a bit so I used one of my paper punches on some thin cardstock and painted the little pieces gold.

When they were dry I glued them to the box and added a handle.

I found a chunk of plastic that looks white and cut it into little pieces and then glued them to the inside.

So now I have my box of teeth.

I judged it an appropriate time to add my raven to the statue of Pallas.

Then I had to get a piece of cardboard so you could actually see the statue and raven.

A gold bug
A black cat
A purloined letter
A magnifying glass
Cask of Amontillado
Message in a bottle
A box with teeth
A model of an air balloon?
A heart (under glass?)
A jar of eyes (or one eye?)

I have a cask and I'm adding Amontillado to it.  I'll be borrowing Cleopatra from the WQRC so she can sit and be the Black Cat.  I have a jar with an eye coming. It's supposed to glow in the dark which will be cool.  And I have a heart under glass coming as well.

I added my message in a bottle and box of teeth to the hearth since that seemed to be a good place visually.

I might add something to hold the box open a bit.

But once I got most of my stuff added to the fireplace and bookshelf I decided I'd glue them in.

I don't have the back wall added so you can see light where the shelf and fireplace don't quite line up.

But I threaded the wire for the desk lamp through the hole I drilled and put everything in place.  It's not glued in but I got a few pictures to get an idea of how it will look.

I like how it looks so far. The lighting isn't great but once I get all the walls in that will be alleviated quite a bit.

I took Betsy's advice and added a bit of color to the exposed stuffing on the desk chair.  I hope it looks a bit better.  I'm still working out the exact positioning of the desk, statue and chaise, mostly simply by degrees of angle and how to use the floor space well.

I'm excited to have gotten this far!  And hopefully the post office will stop sending stuff from Colorado to Seattle before it comes to Texas.  And I'll get the things I order in a timely fashion.  That's part of why I'm hesitant to order anything from overseas anymore.

What do all of you think?


  1. I have a lot to catch up on here! I can't believe how far you've come! It's looking spectacular. All the little things you've collected are adding such atmosphere to the room. And I love the way you've made the worn-looking furniture. But the absolute best is the raven on top of the bust of Pallas. I think you have another winner here.

    1. Thanks! I'm hopeful that maybe I can place? Honorable mention again is cool too though.

  2. Me encanta el aspecto que va tomando la habitación! todo comienza a estar en su lugar,hasta esa pila de libros sujetando el sofá,resulta tan divertido! Y te van faltando pocas cosas de la lista!
    Espero que pronto llegue el correo y puedas disponer de todo lo que has pedido!

  3. How beautiful and a little bit scary! Great story!
    have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

  4. WOW, Sheila, you've done so much work already and again in just one week of time!! I absolutely love how it looks now, the desk and the firemantle have got their detailed miniature treasures. I like the balance in the used colors, especially because most of them are "dimmed?" (I don't know how to express it into proper English, but I think that the atmosphere has to be dark and gloomy in this roombox, isn't it?), so in that way I think you've succeded well in this.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Sheila.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. You're right, it is a bit gloomy and dark, Poe wasn't a terribly cheery guy so yes, I wanted to use muted tones.

  5. The list is almost empty, which shows how much you have already accomplished. I love your ideas about how Poe's room, the are all great. This project will be one of your masterpieces.
    Keep safe, stay well!
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Wow Sheila! You have made so much progress and the set up shots are so fun to look at! I love all of the theme supporting accessories - you've thought of everything and made the place look as though captured in a moment of time. At this rate, you'll be finished with time to get a great start on another project this year!

    1. That's what I'm hoping. I want to finish and work some more on the Downtown Loft. (And put together the rest of the barn doors I have waiting in boxes still.)

  7. It’s great Sheila. Impressive that you have collected such an odd array of goodies to complete your list!

  8. Hi Sheila! I think all the details you have added are Awesome!!! They really do begin to create that Crazy Moody Gothic feeling in this room! The dirty stuffing looks great and the books holding up the chaise are perfect! The bookshelves look Wonderful ... you sure have had a lot of practice making them. :) The mantle and the desk both look really cool... and fascinating... like we want to come closer and look at all those objects. I admire your bravery with gluing things in place... but at a certain point it just has to happen. I am enjoying this project immensely! Keep up the great work!

  9. Just did the first tour and will return for more. I love all the dressings that go in our projects and these are some of the very best - loads of intersting things and each with a true narrative.

  10. Absolutely amazing! I love all the details, the open book is amazing. And I love the book instead the chaise's leg and the glass on it.