Sunday, May 3, 2020

Drapes and Books

Oh! And carpets too.

Firstly, the dreaded allergy season is upon us and of course I have a sinus infection.  So I'm coughing, with a sore throat, and uh, no, they don't want me at work.  I hoped it would be better after a doctor visit but they didn't let me to into the doctor's office.

So no steroid shot but I got a prescription and told that if I have three days without a fever I can go back to work.  Problem is its been three days and I still feel awful.  I don't nap, once I'm awake I'm staying away until it's time for bed.  But I've been falling asleep in the afternoon.  So I think I'm sick.  Blech.  Husband is also sick.  We're a cheerful bunch.

Thankfully minis don't care if I cough all over them or take forever to accomplish something.  I went and found my carpets I had stashed.  I'd ordered a couple more from Green Gypsies on Etsy.  Actually most of my carpets from them them I think.

Here's the one that I had in my stash.  I like it but it's too big.

I'd ordered this recently, and I like the colors.

I like that you can see the floor with it more.  So I thought of adding another smaller rug.  Then I messed around with positioning.

See what I mean?  I haven't made any final decisions, I want to get the drapes in and the furniture before I finalize the rugs.

I needed more books so I made some more of them.  I think I'll have enough.

The poem talks about the fellow reading a volume of forgotten lore in an attempt to distract himself from the death of Lenore.  So I dug through my old stationary for some little rub on images.

So I have a good start on my volume of forgotten lore.

Some of my liquor decanters dried so I added the stoppers.  The red wine looks good and I like the absinthe too.

You remember how I didn't like the handle of the coal scuttle?

I found a solution.

I cut down a toothpick and drilled into the ends, stained it and then used wire through more of the jewelry findings I have for feet.  A long brassy bead on either side and it looks much better to me.

But the main focus of the weekend was the drapes.  This was my inspiration picture.

But I didn't want a lot of white or fringe... I want moody and gothic.

You know I started on the sheers last weekend.  This weekend I started out by drawing a general idea of what I wanted.

I had purple satin that I worried would be too bright.  But I was lucky. My mixture of water and white glue darkened it up pretty well.

I'm using Casey's board and pin method to shape the festoons and drapes.

It takes a while for them to dry but that's okay.  We've already established that I'm not moving too quickly this weekend.  The satin still gets a nice gleam to it when the light hits.  But still dark and moody.

I want them to puddle on the ground by the windows so they're longer than they should be.  But I remembered the right order and glued them into the cornices.

A little adjusting still.  But so far not bad.  So I tested them out in the room.

I'm pretty happy with how they look.  I've got the set for the fake window behind the desk done and the single window drapes are still drying.

I need to finalize my color for the chaise, a little undecided on that but I've got some ideas.

I hope everyone else is doing well health-wise.  Have a great week!


  1. Fab curtains! The moody, drapes are just spot on. I will look forward to see what you end up deciding for the rugs.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Anna x

  2. That purple is sumptuous. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. What great progress! I love the new handle - very ingenious! And those drapes! Incredible!!!

  4. I like Kelly's choice of "Sumptuous" in describing your drapes which applies to the richness of their colour as well!
    Get Well Soon Sheila and the same to your hubby too

  5. This is wonderful progress! My mother-in-law used to say that even bad things have something good in them. I hope by now you feel a little better and wish you full recovery.
    Stay safe!
    Hugs, Drora

  6. I hope you'll get your steroid shot soon, being allergic is co very inconvenient especially now during this pandemic. Hope both of you are feeling better soon, Sheila.
    Regarding to the carpets I also think it's wise to wait to see more of the details before you've made up your definative choice. But all are wonderful.
    I admire your patience for making even more and more books, everytime when you need them ;). What a lot of progress on the decanters, glasses, and the handle of the coal scuttle look wonderful now.
    The drapes are so perfectly done, their color will fit well in this room.
    Stay well, take care.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Hi Sheila! I'm sorry you are suffering from allergies and an infection... I hope you can get some relief! These are crazy times when you can't get to the doctor if you are unwell...!
    As for the progress, it looks like tons to me! The purple drapes are awesome! The new handle on the coal scuttle is way more Victorian looking, and the decanters look very real to me! I agree that hiding all of your herringbone floor under carpets would be a shame... so smaller ones are perfect. Sometimes it takes having all the parts together to really see what is needed. I hope you get some rest and feel better soon!

  8. Your goth is getting gothier! What an interesting project to follow. Thank you for sharing

  9. Whew I have a lot to catch up on, but what a treat! I'm so in love with the moodiness of this build! And those curtains are perfect with the dark colour!! I know I've seen photos on instagram, but it was so great to go back and read up on everything behind the scenes. I love love love the fireplace with the sconces. The coals are so great and realistic. As always you managed to create the most detailed and thought out stories behind your builds and its so great to see it come to life. I hope you and your hubby feel better soon. Hugs

  10. I love the new handle! And the drapes came out great. I hope you feel better soon. The build is looking so moody and authentic.

  11. I hope you will feel better as soon as possible.

    Drapes look gorgeous. I think I like the smallest rug the most.