Sunday, December 1, 2019

Nearly Done!

All in all I'm pretty happy with how the weekend has progressed.  I'm pretty much done with the book shop.

In no particular order I got my list completed.

Added the store sign.  These were laser cut letters I got from Hobby Lobby and sanded down a bit to fit in my little sign area.

I painted them gold and then washed black metallic over it.

I added brick to the 'street' and entryway of the front.

I gave the brick herringbone look a try for the entryway.  It's not as pretty as Brae's but not bad for a first attempt.

I wanted to wrap stone around the corners and thankfully I had a bunch of my 'stone' left from the WQRC.  So I cut it into rectangles and used corner trim as my base to attach the 'stone' to the front of the house.

It doesn't show as well here, but it's aged with a wash of black paint just like the rest of the front of the shop.

Jodi suggested drawing the curtains of the living quarters back which wasn't as easy as it sounds because I'd glued them in place but I managed to get pull backs in place.

Shingles usual a pain in the butt.  I got them on, and remembered after the first row that my hot glue gun is a better bet for making them stay. I made flashing out of tin foil.

I decided to go with a slate look.  A lot easier with the texture the wood shingles come with, a layer of black, then different greys dry brushed over the black.

Plug in the rest of the lights.  My outlet strip and transformer arrived and thankfully I didn't need anymore.  

And make a coatrack maybe... I ended up buying one since I found a nice one cheap and dug out a bonnet from my stash to hang on it.

A couple other things I did... I made some pens and ink bottles for the desk to go with the paperwork and ledger.

I spent some time today adding the storefront carriage lights and making a mother of pearl brush.  

My shop keeper needs to wash the windows and sweep.  But apart from that I just need to clean up my work area so I can take pictures and I'll be all done and ready to enter.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thank you for the views of all the floors - just wonderful! You have done such a beautifully detailed, thoughtful piece. Well done!

  2. Sheila, it looks magnificent! The view through the shop door, and the peak through the curtains (great idea to draw them back a bit) are just fabulous. It is impossible to recognize the wee Serendipity Shed - Great job!

  3. Another masterpiece! I love all the details and everything you made there. :)

  4. Hi Sheila! I LOVE the way this shop looks with the lights on!!! The colors you have chosen (I love blue) are really lovely, especially in the living quarters, and the front facade makes such a beautiful statement! The name of the shop is AWESOME!!! (Fine Print.... the little words at the very end...! Haha!) And the letters for the store name are beautiful all by themselves! Really, you have made an awesome project, Again!, and in such an efficient only took you ten months amount of time! I am in Awe! I just LOVE it!!!

  5. I love how it all came together, Sheila, this bookshop looks wonderful, as for the inside as from the outside. I love the view to the interiors of each floor (great tip of Jodi, for drawing back the curtains a bit :) ). The coatrack and bonnet are such a beautiful additions. In short this project has succeeded very, very well, it's another masterpiece from your creative hands, great work!!
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. It all looks SPLENDID, Sheila!!! :D
    The sign for your bookstore is EXCELLENT!
    Any passerby from across the street would immediately know what your Impressive storefront was all about, and would head right over to it!
    I also LOVE the exterior details you've selected and the colour you've chosen for your bookstore, which provides an Ideal backdrop for your Very Clever shop sign.
    The carriage lamps and the interior lights are FAB! You have been able to infuse this establishment (inside and out) with Loads of atmosphere and interest.
    And as one of those "passers by", I was immediately drawn in.
    I LOVE the variety of books on offer and as I looked around, I knew that I wanted to stay and linger on the ground floor until I'd examined every books on every shelf, but then the spiral staircase beckoned and I needed to climb them to discover MORE Rare copies by many of my favourite authors! And so now I must stay and look at all of them too!
    Reading books is one of the things I most enjoy, so the hours I spent inside "Fine Print" quickly fled. Periodically I would hear a familiar voice of someone I knew entering this fine establishment, and so I would peer down over the railings to scan the customers lingering below until I spotted my friend. "Hello" I'd call down to them, to get their attention; "Come up and join me and see what I've found!" pointing at the current prized volume still in my hand...
    (in my opinion: Installing a second floor mezzanine was a great idea for customers and for the store proprietor. A very easy way for them to be able to keep an eye and an ear on, what is going on overhead! )😉

    Finally Sheila, I have to say that the tiny bedsit on the top floor is both quaint and lovely!!! It is such a cosy little room and the young lady who lives there, appears to be nicely settled in. As long as she has her tea at the ready and a full tin of biscuits, she'll never need to worry about not having anything to read before bed!
    My Congratulations to you Sheila- I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!! ❤️


  7. Wow! It is fantastic and not less stunning than all your other great projects. You did a wonderful job in good time.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Wow! I love your store name - so clever! And I just love the whole bookshop. How did you make the pens? And I was so happy to see your desk because mine looks so similar :) That hat is amazing. I love the the bookstore floors and her little flat. The lighting gives such great atmosphere.

    1. Thank you! The pens started out as toothpicks and were verrry carefully whittled down and then painted and stained.

  9. Oh my goodness I absolutely love getting to this part in your builds where all the interesting and fun elements come together and we can finally see the vision you had for the build! It's fabulous! I love the name and the lettering and the peek inside the shop and the peek inside the curtains and I wish I could be tiny and walk around inside!!! The finishing on the exterior including the roof and the herringbone entrance are timeless and charming! What a wonderful build that you've imagined with tons of great ideas and challenges to overcome! Once again you've managed to create a setting loaded with features that draw you in! Wonderful work Sheila!

  10. Wow! What an incredible job you've done. All those books, so artfully arranged. I want to visit your bookstore. The name is perfect, and so is the lettering for the sign. I love the tie-back curtains and that bonnet! The pens are brilliant. All the lovely little details we've come to expect from you are there. Congratulations on a job so very well done. Will we get to see the final, final pictures, or will we have to wait to see the Creatin' Contest winners?

    1. Thanks! I'll be taking pictures after I clean up my workspace this weekend so you'll have a whole bunch to look over.

  11. Well done Sheila! All done and looking amazing. All the finishing touches really make the project shine. Sit back, have a rest and be proud of what you have achieved in a short time.

  12. Que maravillosa librería! Puedo confesar que si pasara por delante de ella,no podría evitar entrar y disfrutar de cada detalle,de cada libro...hasta el olor del papel llega hasta mi!!

  13. Hello Sheila,

    thanks for finding my blog lately - because this made me find yours!

    Although I've only had a short look around so far I'm impressed with your work and I really look forward to see more from you in the future. Your almost finished book shop turned out awesome, I really enjoyed studying your pictures. The color of the facade and the brickwork is stunning and the shop's name so well made with these letters and trim. My favorite pictures are the views through this beautiful entrance door.


  14. I'm so happy for you! It looks amazing, you pulled off so much in such a short time! Loving the finished roof and of course the front is for me the best part! The new lettering was the magic final touch. I'm so looking forward to the final photos. You got this!!

  15. Once again I have loved following your project and enjoyed every minute of it. The result is fantastic!! I especially love the facade and the atmosphere you have created in the interior. I can see myself getting lost in this world of books and forgetting about time and the outside world. Amazing work.