Sunday, November 24, 2019

I Seem To Be Missing Half a Month

There's something about this time of year that makes the days go by at light speed.  Insane right?

But somehow I've lost half of November.  Jodi mentioned this a few days ago, and she's so right.  Maybe it's because I work in accounting and when you're constantly on a deadline things seem to whip by.  Maybe it's that I've got several projects going simultaneously and there never seems to be enough time?

Yeah, Christmas shopping? What's that?  Thank God my niece and nephews love gift cards.  And my husband doesn't want anything.

The good news is I have made progress on the bookshop.  I have a few more things to do but the inside is pretty much finished.

I started out by getting curtains in the third floor windows and made a wrought iron trim piece for the roof.

I finished off the last of the book/magazine/newspaper displays on the first floor.  Changed a couple of books in the window displays with some fashion magazines.

And added a table with newspapers and more magazines on top of it.

I also made an insert to make the floor look finished when I don't have the front attached.

The table is the gold and black table I originally made for NOLA House and it ended up being too large so I went with something else.  I like that it's gold and black like the rest of the shop furniture. Seemed fortuitous.

I ran into the reason I hate using plug strips and transformers.  A twelve plug strip doesn't always support twelve lights.  So I've ordered another and another transformer in order to not have a ton of battery lights again.

I know in the UK they make something that goes off how many bulbs you're using rather than volts or watts or whatever.  I'm officially jealous since I can't find anything like that yet.  I'll keep looking.  In the mean time...

The lights work. Yay.

I need to make a sign for the shop too.  Add it to the list.

I wanted to put some paintings on the walls by the stairs.  I have some that will look appropriate.  The frames were this bright shiny gold though so I aged them with black paint and dull gold over it.

Much better.

So I started to work on the living quarters.  First was getting the furniture painted or stained.  And while that dried I worked on the pitcher and basin and the chamber pot.  It took me a bit but I got them painted out nicely.

I got some of my scrapbook paper and made a tile inlay for the washstand.

Then I added a few necessities.

I'm a little concerned that I've given the apartment/flat too modern of a look but I just couldn't stand anymore dark furniture.

The secretary was next.  Since every other piece of furniture had brass trim I added some to it in strategic places with dull gold paint on the knobs and columns.

I'll make an inkwell and some paperwork to sit on the pull out desk.

I also added canisters, dishes and some 'canned goods' to the hutch after I painted it white.

I put some groceries on the table.

Remember when I said I had a mirror for Cecelia Alyce?  That I couldn't find and had to order another one?  Well I found the original and it's a perfect topper to the bureau.

The glue has to dry still but so far so good.

So far I need to add the store sign.
Add shingles
Corner finishes
Plug in the rest of the lights
Finish the street with pavers
And make a coatrack maybe.

I'm really hopeful that I'll finish over Thanksgiving weekend.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. Wow Sheila, it is looking magnificent! I love that you are adding lighter furniture in the apartment both the washstand and bureau are so pretty and perfect next to the timber furniture.
    Anna x

  2. Sheila, I still don't know how you do this, but to me it seems that you're using your time for miniatures very well ;)! Everything you do for this project looks just fab, including the lighter colored furniture, like the secretary and the washstand. Together with all the accessoiries and details it's all great work! For me it seems I never have time enough to do what I want to do in miniature. I can't wait to see the rest of this wonderful project.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. I'm always speechless when I watch all the details you make. That is incredible.

  4. The youngest in our family is s senior this year, so we have decided as a group that there will be no more gift giving for the adults. If you're over 25, you won't get a Christmas present but we'll spoil everyone on their birthdays!
    The facade is so pretty with it's lovely blue and complementary brick! I love the wrought iron rail, and the lace of the curtains looks nice. I do have a personal request if you'll oblige... Please tie back the curtains - I want to peek inside! :O)
    I like the personalization you're making on the accessories, and I LOVE the tiled wash stand! It looks lovely! You did a great job painting the secretary and I love the gold accents! All the accessories around the room are making it feel homey!
    I love the way you've arranged the book display shelves and the layout of the shop! It's looking very inviting!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the nice long weekend! Hope you get your list completed!

  5. Que gran trabajo estás haciendo,se ve todo tan real y maravilloso!! Va a quedar espectacular!!

  6. Your facade is so beautiful! I love the blue! The bookstore looks amazing. And I love the tile inset in the washstand. I can't wait to see pictures of it in its entirety. I need to shingle my roof too, but I am waiting for the HBS coupon starting tomorrow to buy shingles :)

  7. This is really coming together! I am always amazed at people who can paint mini ceramics. If I tried to paint the pitcher and chamber pot, you see kindergarten-type blobs. Yours are lovely, and that "tiled" wash stand is a perfect back-drop. I love all your food and accessories, too. This is the really fun part, when you get to start loading it up!

  8. Everything is coming together so nicely :) Great project and great photos!

  9. Yay! So much is getting done and your list is getting shorter! I'm really looking forward to seeing the roof on. It'll look so good :) I really like the lighter colour furniture you've added too. Very pretty with the blue on the walls. And I've told you this before, but I just loveee the book display shelves for in front of the windows!! Hope these next couple of days are super productive! You can do it!

  10. Hi Sheila! I am way behind, as usual...! But it looks to me like you got a wonderful amount of progress made! I think the lighter furniture looks sweet... just think of it as "Gustavian" and it is not too modern! The accessories you have added are wonderful... I Love the fish and beets in papers! I am always amazed at how serendipitous "lost" furnishings can be... now you have the perfect mirror right at hand! The change in the frames for the art is amazing and I love all the books and magazines on display! Your lights work... and that is an accomplishment all by itself in mini houses! LOL! I am hoping you are making great progress on the roof too... Ialways love to see more! Happy Thanksgiving! :):)

  11. I KNEW you could do it Sheila!!! So close to the finish line and what a Beautiful job you have done especially with the bookstore. I love the tiered display units and ALL THOSE FAB BOOKS on the shelves. The painted furniture in the above living quarters is light and lovely and your tiled washstand looks Wonderful!