Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Bedroom and Tower

I was so excited to see Keli is closing in on finalizing her build!  Can't wait to see it.  Her houses are always so interesting to look at!

Wednesday I wasn't feeling all that well but in the evening I managed to add another mattress to the WQ's bed.  Apparently in Tudor times and a bit before, bedding was really a big deal.  People would leave their bedding to people in their wills.  Having more than one mattress was the norm.  A straw one for support and on top of it a softer one filled with down or wool.  That was if you were wealthy enough to fill a mattress with wool or feathers.  Most peasants weren't. They made do with straw.

It gives it a little more height and realism I hope.

This weekend I braced the tower up and got some of the supports reglued so the top room isn't listing to the side.  It seems to have worked.  While I did that I added some wood strips to either side of the stair tower's opening.

I was reading Casey's blog and she mentioned a way to make the sides of an oatmeal box look more like a substantial stone wall. She said she builds them up with wood and wraps her stone around the wood and the box so the edges look thicker.  Wood strips are step one.

See?  The tower looks plumb now. Yay.

I had to let everything dry so I started to put wool on the drying rack that will fit beneath the window.  Then glued it into place.  I'm pretty happy with how it looks.

The next thing on the list was the upstairs hallway.  It took a bit of work and some cursing.  Why is it everything works when I'm dry fitting but the minute I put glue on something I can't make it fit?  I swear, glue must have magical properties of expansion.

But I did manage to get it done. Finally.

I was lucky, that pretty much finished up my twisted trim.  And I'm down to half a length of my corner trim until the box from arrives.

Here's a quick picture of the lower hallway now that the glue has dried.

I got the little bit between the main roof and the tower cut out and glued in.

I love seeing the light from outside come in through the windows!  That just makes me happy every time.

I'll add the little bit more to the removable part of the roof so it comes off easily.

Once all that was done I couldn't put off doing the bedcurtains any longer.  I'd bought some aluminum foil since mine disappeared.  Most likely I used it in the kitchen.  What was I thinking?

But I glued the fabric to the foil, then cut up some old napkins with scalloped edges and glued that to the other side of the foil.  For the two curtains that will go up against the wall I needed a full panel so the interior didn't look super dark.  But the rest just have the scalloped edging, it made the curtains easier to pleat and work with.

Once I got them all cut and glued I added them to the bed and glued trim over the top edges where the bed rails are so I could hide the fact that they weren't real moving curtains.

It's not as noticeable here but I added a simple flat bedskirt, at least to the side of the bed that will show.

All this was on Saturday so I let the glue dry overnight.  This morning I started to work on the ties for the curtains.  Luckily Casey's blog talked about tassels and I remembered how to make them from NOLA House.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out honestly.

Once I got the bed curtains on I made sure that it would still fit nicely into the bedroom.  It works pretty well.

You can see the pattern of the curtains which I like, but they don't take over either.  It's a bit more color in a room full of wood.  Something of a relief.  Fabric is not my favorite medium anymore. I might fiddle with the tassels a bit, so they hang down more, maybe tack them to the curtains?

But when that was done it was time to work a bit more on the tower walls.  I still had brick paper I'd used on the interior, and since I'd worked pretty hard to match the color of the paper when I used the Magik Brick system I figured I could wrap the wood strips with the brick paper.  Then I used some of the mortar from stone exterior of the cottage and mixed it with drywall compound and some paint to make it match the mortar I used on the brick.

I blended it against the edge of the paper into the Magik Brick and let it dry a little before wiping off the excess.

I like how it looks.  Better than the cardboard edges of the oatmeal cartons, that's for sure!

I'm adding magnets to hold the hinged door shut properly and then I think that'll be it for that little issue.

I didn't have the energy to start working on the roof, though that is the next big project until I get my electrical supplies.  So I decided to make the hooks and lantern I wanted for the kitchen near the door.

I cut a piece of dowel and inch and a half long and wrapped it in thin cardboard, then painted that black for a dark interior.  I cut another piece of cardboard and used a hole punch to make a spiral design for the front and made a door for the back to put the candle inside when it's in use.  I painted that gold and aged it with metallic black so it would look more like brass.

Then a handle to hang from the hook.

It looks a little beat up but I like that.  It's not meant to be new or fancy.

The next step was the hooks for the wall near the front door.  A piece of strip wood and some toothpick ends for pegs and I used Dark Walnut stain on all of it.

Last weekend I forgot to show all of you but I added wood to the niche in the kitchen and built up the wood in the fireplaces to look more realistic than my plastic flame logs.

Here's a view of the bedroom through the window.

And one through the tower hallway.

My stones don't quite match up but they're close, and I don't anticipate anyone really being able to get a good look at them from this perspective.

A few more things crossed off the list.  And some things added.  But that's not necessarily bad.  I need to go to the post office tomorrow and pick up a package that will hopefully either have some baskets or food in them.

And I need to order more spackle to make my slate roof.

How is everyone else doing?  I hope you're all having a good weekend!

A saltbox (Keli)
Clogs (Keli) 
A still (might be able to do this with Kris's 'paper pottery')
Sausages on a string (ordered)

Drill & Route out channels for lighting wires.
Finish shutters & interior trim for all windows on main cottage.
         First Floor          
         Second Floor
Build Fireplaces & chimneys
        First Floor
        Second Floor
Cut bricks and stone for outside of lower walls and tower.
(Test Magic Brik) - in progress
Add brick/stone to fireplaces.
        First Floor         
        Second Floor
Age fireplaces
        First Floor
        Second Floor
Build base for house
        Get the wiring for the bottom floor extended to go out the back (must be done before attaching            cottage to base.
Get cottage on base
Attach Tower to Main Cottage
        Doorway Finishes
        Hall Stone?-Brick
        Finish stair tower edges
        Attach latch or magnets to hold shut
        Extend Roof over tower hall
        Attach Back wall
Finish back of house
Lean to, to hide light switches.
Bedroom mantle
Plaster upper walls and third floor of tower.
Add timber to upper walls and third floor of tower. (testing)
Paint stone.
Add grout to stone and brick.
Ceiling beams on first floor.
Ceiling beams and roof support for lofted ceiling on second floor.
          Dormer ceiling supports
          Add final supports to desk alcove
Second floor Ceiling finish?
Ceiling beams and roof support for the tower.
Stain purchased furniture
Build furniture:
          Make sink
          Make curved table for tower room
          Make loom
          Adjust tables for lab
          Make stool
          Make telescope 1/2 done
          Make orrey 1/4 done
          Make tapestry
          Make rush mats
          Make bedding
          Make books & scrolls
          Make paper pottery
Stillroom paraphernalia
          Potions? (some bottles made)
          Cage with spider (on the loose)
          Cage with mice
          Cauldron floating spoon? (testing)
Tower - shelves
          Wool cards (make)
          Drying rack ?
          Hanging died wool
          Carded wool in baskets
          Finished fabric on shelves (some folded maybe? rolled instead)
          Second spinning wheel w/straw to gold? Might look too crowded.
          Put food in baskets
          Add food & utensils to table
          Make lantern
          Hang sausages
Furniture in place finalize lights.
          Make sconce
          Make candelabras
                 Standing Candelabra
                 2 small Candelabras
                              Remove candles from extra and add to stillroom table.
Add flooring
Plaster inside walls
Create 'slate' roof
Bargeboards/trim for roof gables.
Create front garden
          Make tree?
          Make stream?
          Make lake/river to go alongside house
          Make stone wall to go around garden
          Iron front gate. 


  1. Wow Sheila! You got so much work done! I am in love with the bed, and it looks so inviting, I'd love to jump in it right now! The curtains look great - not staged or formal, but REAL, like they really get used and really function! That is a hard thing to achieve, so I applaud your success! I really like the lace peeking out from behind them, it's such a feminine touch and perfect for royalty! It also looks perfectly at home in the space, and the mood it creates make me want to keep looking! I know, I'm gushing. But I really love the way it turned out!
    The brick edging came out great, too, and I really like the lanterns. For some strange reason, they reminded me of H.R. Pufnstuf sets - what a happy, random memory!
    Good luck with the roofing - I really dislike roofing but only because I genuinely struggle with it, and it takes so long to do. But the slate should go faster, and I know you'll do a stellar job! Can't wait to see the castle with the roof on!

    1. Thanks Jodi! I'll admit that getting the bed done was a big relief. I'm not looking forward to the roofing either, but I think I've got a way to make it work. It's going to be difficult with all the angles and gables but what really freaks me out is the tower!

  2. Hi Sheila! I'm glad the tower is up plumb again, your house looks so wonderful already!! Although you say that you're having problems in using glue, the upstairs and lower hallway look fab, it seems that the transition to the tower is seamless, great job!
    Your bedding looks absolutely realistic, I think I would love to go to sleep each night in that comfy bed ;).
    Using aluminum foil is something I heard about before, but I've never used this technique, at your curtains it seem to work, lovely to see in combination with the scalloped edges. The draping looks wonderful and the tassels make the difference.
    You've done excellent work on the edge of the brick paper for the tower, it looks much better this way. The lanterns succeeded well!
    You've spent your weekend very well, Sheila, all that work you've done, you can be proud of yourself! I love seeing all of the pictures, it is like peeking in someone's house ;).
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I was so worried about the tower until I got it straightened out again.

      You didn't see my hands covered with glue after dealing with the hallway! But I'm glad it doesn't show in the end.

      With the alumnium foil the trick is to make sure the glue isn't so thick that it comes through the topside of the fabric. I'm glad you like it!

  3. Hi Sheila!
    The bed is amazing - I have to start with this. :) I love how the curtains look, the pleats are just perfect, they are just right for this scale. Scalloped edges are brilliant idea!
    The whole bedroom looks like a part of some movie scene, you did a great job!
    I'm very happy you fixed the tower. Now it looks like nothing ever happened. :)
    I like the changes you made on the edge, it looks great.
    All the details are perfect.

    1. Thank you Kamelia! That means a lot coming from you and your genius with fabric and dressing the dolls. I get so impatient with it that glue and aluminum foil is the only way I can deal with it.

      The edges of the tower were bugging me so much, something Had to be done!

  4. Hello Sheila,
    Great work. The dressed bed is wonderful and is really well done. I am glad you were able to correct the tower and that it now looks as it should. Your progress is impressiv3e.
    Big hug

    1. Thanks Giac! I was so glad to get it done and have it turn out well.

  5. Your windows are indeed awesome, and I can see why you smile! :D That bed looks unbelievably warm and comfy. Everything is coming along beautifully!

    1. Thanks Brae! Maybe it's because I made those from scratch and I like how they turned out so much. I really can't wait to get the house lit up and turn out the lights so I can see all the glow through the windows.

      I keep saying it's a relief to have the bed done, and it's so true! I'm glad it turned out well and it looks good to everyone.

  6. The bed looks awesome and the curtains just perfect. I'm sure your retired lady will be happy in it. How wonderful that the tower bracing worked! I love the "brass" Lanterns. It's pure pleasure to follow your work on this project.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! I'm hoping the bed will be warm and cozy for her! Now to make her a cloak...

  7. The bed turned out wonderful. Great Job! Everything else is coming along nicely too, but the bed is just delightful!

    1. Thanks Troy! I'm pretty excited that the bed looks good. I was worried about that!

  8. Un trabajo genial, no te has dejado ningún detalle, la historia de los colchones me ha encantado. Fantástico que hayas podido solucionar tu torre.Besos:-)

    1. ¡Gracias! Me alegro de que te guste. Espero trabajar en algunas cosas más para la torre y la cocina junto con el techo pronto.

  9. Your bed with curtains and fur throw, looks warm enough to stave off any winter drafts which may come whistling up the tower stairs, which by the way looks Straight and Stable - WELL DONE Sheila!!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I wanted everything to look as if it was heavy and sturdy which isn't easy when it's real life fabric in a mini setting. It didn't come out looking too stiff which I was really worried about.

      And the tower is plumb again! Yay!

  10. Hi Sheila! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how the bedding turned out!!! It looks so sumptuous and cozy and regal! (For the Tudor era that is!) The foil in the curtains seems to have done the trick! The extra mattress is the sort of detail that gets overlooked but adds so much realism! Bravo! And the Tower is looking fantastic with the hallway and the thicker door edges... once again, the kind of details that get overlooked but make a huge difference! You are really making a masterpiece with this project!!! I love every single bit of it!!! :):) Keep up the great work!!! :)

    1. Thanks Betsy! I was really pleased with how it looked. I found some plain fabric, similar texture and color but I decided the fabric with the pattern would have just enough detail to make the curtains interesting.

      I was worried the tower wouldn't look good once everything was dry but I think the illusion of thicker walls is pretty good.

  11. Hi Sheila - I had so been looking forward to seeing the end result of the bed curtains. Boy did you nail that one! I live them and the colour is wonderful in the room and a perfect match for the tapestries.
    Your attention to any teeny-weeny tiny detail in this project is just fabulous.
    Anna x

    1. Thanks Anna! Matching the tapestries was a happy accident but I'm glad everything blends well!

  12. Sorry it's taken so long to comment, but I wanted to make sure I read everything thoroughly. What an amazing job you're doing. I love the way your bed turned out. You have researched so carefully, and it shows in the beauty and realism of what you do. I really like the way your bedding turned out (and thanks for the link on the tassles!). That tower is just amazing, and I'm glad the bracing worked.

    1. Thank you! I tend to get a little crazed about accuracy when I do my builds so having someone say it's real is a huge compliment to me.

      Huge relief the bracing worked on the tower! Hopefully no more accidents!

  13. Wow the bed looks like one of those miniature artisan guild pieces! After all the trouble you went through to get those curtains just right, the results are beyond anything I could have imagined! I love the pop of colour in the room. I hope you are able to get a good photograph of the bed in your contest entry, it really is a show stopping piece! I love seeing the way the tower ties into the main cottage through the hallways, all in all everything is looking spot on!

    1. Thank you Kristine! I was really relieved the curtains stayed in place while the glue dried. I hope to get a good picture of it as well. With the lights on I think the whole bedroom will show up better.

      I really wanted the 'hallways' to look as if they belonged and not just little transition areas so it's good to hear they're fitting in!

  14. Wow Sheila, it's been a while since I visited the blog and you are really trucking along to the finish line. I like all those lines through your list. It must make you feel like you are accomplishing the end goal. I have to say it is all looking wonderful but in particular your bed is spectacular! I love the bedding choices you have made and the fur is such a great touch. It really suits the period and finishes it off. As for the curtains, they turned out great! The fabric was a great choice and looks appropriate to the period but not dark and heavy as this era can be. I'm also loving the fireplaces with extra wood. Now I have to troll back through all your posts to completely catch up! :D

    1. Thank you! I've been going a little nuts trying to figure all of it out. Having the bed look good is a real relief.