Sunday, June 26, 2016


Sorry I didn't post last week. I really didn't have much that was picture worthy beyond this;

Oh yes, you very observant folks, you are seeing correctly. I have rearranged my fabric shelf and boxes of miniatures in order to make room for another cat tree.

In all fairness the one that was in the corner was cheap, old and when Cap'n Jack was doing his usual ricochets around the room it broke in half and fell.  Narrowly missing a couple of dollhouses.  So we got another climbing tree, I rearranged the shelves and then built the climbing tree.

Note to all those who think cheap is the way to go.  The cheaper they are, the less readable the directions are.  My husband, (kind man that he is) observed the entire shebang and noted several times to the cats that Mommy really loved them.  As you can see, it's popular with my Building Inspector.  But I've caught the others on it too.

She likes the pouches because she's the only one who can fit in there.

That was a good portion of the Friday night before last.  Saturday was spent recuperating from that and then I build a little on Sunday.  Mostly I glued the floors in for the upper level and then pressed them flat.  I love the Alessio designs but the floors curl up really bad unless you weigh them down.  And of course I didn't think things through when I added the lights to the ceiling of the lower level.  So the trick was to weigh down the second level floors without crushing the kitchen and front room overhead lights.  But somehow I managed it. 

Part of me really wants to put the windows and doors in so I can frame them out. But I'm afraid if I do I'll forget that I want to add the window latches and handles so I keep stopping myself.

So I started work on the bathroom.  No fixtures yet but I've got all the wallpaper and trim up.  The woodwork is in Americana's 'Warm White'.  Against the wallpaper it looks slightly aged which I like.  Like someone tried to update wood paneling by painting it.  The wallpaper was the stuff I'd originally chosen for the bedroom. 

The bathroom floor was something I really worried over for a while.  I wanted a wooden floor like in the rest of the house. But I didn't want it to be the same as the rest of the house.  Each room should have its own type of floor.

So I pieced together the boards left over from the living room and cut them so they'd look like short boards before gluing them down and staining them the same walnut as the kitchen.

Then I did this.

I used the same white as on the other woodwork.  Like whoever painted the wainscoting had used the same paint on the floors.  But just the white looked a little too sporadic so I added another color. 

It's dark enough to stand out next to the white but not so dark that it overwhelms the walnut.  I've even got some places a little scuffed up and faded, plus some deliberate gaps in the boards so it looks like a board or two got replaced due to a waterleak or something.  Old houses tend to have gaps and creaking boards.

And here's a look at it all together...

I'm pretty pleased with how it looks so far.  I've got the recommended glue for the bath room kit and as soon as I can I'm going to start on them.  The only other thing I need to add is a heat register.

See you next time!


  1. Love that wallpaper...and the crown molding. Nice :)

    1. Thanks! All in all I'm pleased with how it turned out. I want to age the wallpaper a bit and maybe add some watermarks but that's for later on.