Thursday, April 28, 2016

NOLA House Front Elevation

So after I posted my pictures of the aged/crackled walls of the house I got a bunch of responses saying how cool it looked and how excited they were to see the house coming along.

I'm excited too, so it's nice to be in good company you know? 

And then Jodi asked if I would post a drawing so everyone could see what I was working towards and how this (hopefully) would all turn out.

Drawings? Uhh...


I would like to say that I normally work with a computer program to get an idea of what I want to do with the kit/contest.  I work on a floorplan and by the time I start... Well I know where I'm going but the plan is flexible.

However... since this was the first time anyone had ever requested something from me I figured I'd give it a try.  So I busted out my graph paper and started to draw.

By the way this activity is best attempted when your system is relatively free of caffeine. 

And if you're me and can't draw a straight line if your life depended on it, a ruler is also handy.

I will add the disclaimer that I am not an architect and have zero to no skill in drawing three dimensions.  I tried but that porch roof... yeah... you'll see.

The only thing I know about architectural drawing is that when you draw the outside of the house it's called 'elevation'.  So this is the front elevation of NOLA House.

And here's a closer shot of the balcony.

I've got everything for the balcony except some fancy filigree trim to go along the roofline. 

The trick is going to be getting the inside of the wall trimmed and papered before adding the balcony.  The last thing I want is to goof something up because I was pressing on the wall too hard.

I'll try to work on the floor plans next.

Curious to hear what you think.


  1. Well, Missy! For not being able to draw you did pretty awesome! I think you deserve more credit! I am loving your vision - makes me want to eat craw-fish and listen to jazz all from that balcony! Can't wait for the floor plans!

    1. Well thanks! I'm hoping to work on floorplans tonight maybe. If I'd been thinking I would have brought my graph paper to work so I could play at lunch. Funny thing is I've never been to New Orleans, can't stand crawfish and know nothing about Jazz! I'm a sucker for gorgeous filigree and woodwork though.

  2. Your drawing is fine! It's exactly as I imagined it would look from the inspiration pictures you showed us.