Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lights! Camera! Action!

Okay so maybe not.  Lights, windows/wall and door is a bit more accurate.

Oh, and the stairs are looking spiffy.  So let's start with them.

I really enjoy how they look.  It took a bit for me to get the lower part fixed up.  And nothing is glued in place just yet.  But this is how they should look once everything is done.

You know, with flooring and no paint in the foreground.

Here's another shot, just for fun.

I really wanted a gradual curve but angles seemed a bit more modern.

And for the bathroom under the stairs, part of the light fixture.  I took little glass bottles and some jewelry findings and to diffuse the light somewhat put citrine and peridot chips inside.  I don't think we'll get green and yellow light but it'll look real pretty.

I made two, one for each side of the mirror above the sink.

Here they are side by side.  Please excuse the dust.

I love sticky tacky glue by the way.  It makes anything stick, even metal to glass.

And I also got cracking on the upper outdoor lights.  More drawer pulls were used so that the upstairs and downstairs lights would match.

I made three but the third one did not want to stay sitting up like these two.
I like the antiqued bronze look for the outside of the house.  I generally like silver/nickel finishes inside a house but outside, bronze or antiqued silver is nice.  Copper is pretty too but I could not find anything that would work.

But I did get started on the front wall of the 'cube' part of the house. 

Yeah, that looks like a whole mess of boards and plexiglass and blurry to boot.
I think this is much better.  After I painted with black metallic/shiny on the edges of the boards so it would look like metal framework.

I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out actually.
I'd been toying with the idea of a door from the master bedroom to the balcony.  And since making a window or a door would be equally difficult I decided to try making a door from scratch.

To be honest, if I'd had another door like the one on the front of the house I'd have used it but I didn't have one handy and making one seemed like a good idea.

This is the inside panel.  I covered the wood in a semi glittery scrapbook paper in offwhite.

Here's the outside. 
Hmm... a little blurrier than I usually like.

This is better. 

I'm pretty excited about it.
Here's a close up of the hinges and detail on the window trim.

Again, please excuse the dust. 
And that's my progress for the weekend.  I didn't get a lot done during the week.  But I've got major plans for this coming week so we'll see how everything goes.  More lights to make, the bathroom to hardwire... so much to do and only 99 days to do it!

I'm really wavering on the trim by the way.  I was originally thinking off white. But now I'm wondering if natural wood tones finished with clear polyurethane would be a more modern look?  Opinions anyone?


  1. Nice job on the door.....and I love the wall with the three big windows.

    Maybe it's just the camera angle, but does the landing on the stairs stick out the same distance as the step beneath it? Because that would make them difficult to walk up. Love the angles on the stairs, BTW.

    It's hard to give on the trim at this stage of the game. Either color would look equally modern, use whichever goes with the room better.

  2. I love those stairs! Totally like how you did that, they look really great! I say do natural wood tones for the trim, it will look more modern and pull everything together very nicely.

    Good job :)