Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Feels Like...Not Very Much

It doesn't feel like I got much done this past weekend.  That I'm writing this early on a Thursday morning kinda emphasizes that fact.  I did get things done but they aren't big things.  Well, in the grand scheme they are but as far as taking pictures... Not so much.

My big accomplishment for the weekend was getting the squared off wall cut out and door holes cut into it.  When you don't have a table saw or any sort of skill with a jig saw this is actually a huge accomplishment.  I used craft knife and a ruler and a lot of prayer.

And then I did a test run of how everything will fit together. 

Except for some careful sanding I think we're good.  I need to cut more of my thin basswood to make my hollow walls.  And I really need to cut some channels into the beams over the porch or figure some way to run wiring down them so I can hang my porch lights there. 

But here's the test run of everything fitting together.

I need to make some windows, tiny narrow ones to go on either side of the sliding doors.

I'm debating how to build up the squared off part of the house.  I need the walls of the roof patio to be at least waist level to a doll, so about three and a half feet at the least. (That's in doll feet, so inches to you and I.)  I need to add about four inches total to the shorter walls...and two and a half to the tall one.  So that project needs consideration.

The other thing I did was cut a larger hole into the outer curved wall for more windows.

You can kinda see it here...
Mostly you just see how much I need to organize and clean off my table.  Sad really.  I have this huge room I work in but no storage for the building supplies.  So all my wood is on a chair and next to the house.

I have to confess, this is a continued post. I started it last week and realized that I hadn't gotten a lot of stuff done that was picture worthy. I mean if you count painting windows I got a lot done but its about as interesting as watching paint dry. 

So this is about two weeks worth of progress. 

Here's a shot of the painted windows in the newly cut opening in the upper curved wall.

I'll fill in or otherwise cover up the original little window opening.  I need to make more trim for these guys.
They're actually regular Houseworks windows turned on their sides.  I like how they look this way.  The windows are smaller but the idea is to echo the windows in the bedroom, which will be from the original kit.

I also started to make my hollow wall to close off the studio/office from the stairwell.  I put an outlet in the lower part near the door opening so I could add a lamp to the desk if I was so inclined, in addition to the other lights I want.  Still not entirely sure on those.

It is not easy to cut curved walls, let me tell you.  Lots of time and struggle.
One of these days I'll have more power tools. Until that happy day I'll muddle along with my hand tools.  Sometimes they're better for delicate work anyway.

The picture above is the inner wall.  I've got another hollow wall supporting the stairwell and the outlet wire will feed through the floor through the stairwell wall and under the bottom floor to the foundation.

Here's the inside of the wall...

Balsa wood 'two by fours' to widen the wall and make it more real. 
I did a bit of this work on the square wall as well.  It needed to be widened somewhat.  The kit wall will make up the other half of the stairwell and the roof will onto it so I have my curve.  Then I'll build the wall up from that point to make up the roof area.

I still have no idea how my mini people will get from the second floor to the roof.  I'm just going to call it the magic stairs and people can use their imaginations.  I don't have the room for another stairwell.  Not unless I make a spiral stair case in the corner of the master bedroom... Hmm... Possibly doable... Need to consider that.

Here's a shot of the entire side wall, new windows and all.  The lower floor windows will pop a bit more once I get the siding onto the house. Right now there's no contrast really.

See what I mean?  But the whole wall is gonna be a nice walnut in flat horizontal siding and then the windows will pop out.
While my walls were drying (Glue, wait, glue, wait some more, this process erodes my patience), I worked on the lights in my first floor half bath.

I was gonna make the bar silver but then I decided natural wood was the way to go.
Here's another shot... hopefully you get the idea. When they're lit up they're very bright.

See what I mean? 
But since they're the only light for that bathroom they'll need to be bright.  The camera makes them look a light brighter than they are.

I also attached my sink to the vanity and got my drains touched up with black paint so they look like drains and not just holes in the sink.

I love the little marble top.
And now that I'm pretty much done with the bathroom I'm working on the kitchen.  I really need to have everything done for the first floor except the flooring, the walls finished and furniture placed so I can get the lights wired.  Then the lights for the second floor.  I think for the roof I'll end up cheating and using some battery lights.

But the project for the coming week is to get the rest of the second floor windows done, the master bedroom walls widened.  (They need the balsa two by four treatment.) And the second bathroom wall cut.

I think I've got plenty to do.  I just need to take pictures of it when I do it right?

So long for now.

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