Monday, September 28, 2015

Kitchen Is Coming Along

Did you guess what I worked on this weekend?  Uh huh. You got it.  The kitchen.

I bought a kit for some upper cabinets as I didn't care for the ones that came with the second hand stove and sink that I purchased.  Elf Miniatures has some awesome kits and that's where I got the cabinet kit.

I also just purchased a sink and faucet from them but they haven't arrived yet.  I'm planning to upgrade the sink I purchased. 

Here are the cabinets from the kit.

I haven't put the varnish on them yet. 
They came with some pretty silver handles but since I'm making most of the metal in the kitchen out of copper I drilled some holes and used copper wire to make handles.

I also changed the handles on the drawers, oven and cabinets I had already.  And below you can see where I took out the cheap little sink.

They aren't perfect but they're pretty good.
I also worked on the island/peninsula.  It was originally white and I painted it a softened lime green. 

It's not nearly as bright as it could be and I like the pop of color it gives the kitchen.
I took some thin bass wood for a base and used some leftover oak flooring to make it look more like butcher block by gluing it to the basswood.  Then cut quarter rounds for the edges and painted/stained it in walnut.

Here it is taped together so the glue will set.
And here it is glued to the island/peninsula stained and ready to be varnished.

I want to use it as a sort of breakfast bar with the stools I bought.
Here are another couple of angles.

I also started to work on the stove and 'tile' backsplash. 

I had some dark brown textured scrapbook paper that just needed some dry brushing with copper paint to pass for tile.

It's just bright enough to gleam but not take over.
And I picked up some plates in copper that look really cool over the stove.

See?  I like how that looks.  I'll put some dark brown paint to hide the little gaps.
My plan for the kitchen is to have one wall with the off white wallpaper as if its wrapped around from the bathroom and living room.  The other walls are in a very soft green that'll match the tile flooring.

See?  It won't clash with the bright green but its not off white either.  It'll look nice with the tile.

the green is nice and neutral, just like the wallpaper.
And the bright green apple color will be a nice pop.  Not too awful but something to keep the kitchen from being boring.

So I put the cabinets on the walls.  I think they turned out pretty well.

I like how they look... pretty good right?

This is a good one of the stove backer too.
So now I need to make a little filler for between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling.  I really don't want a lot of empty space up there.  I don't like how it looks.  I'd put cabinets if I thought I could make some.  I also need a place to attach the vent/fan for over the stove.
I'll do pictures of that when that part is done.  It's also another place to hide wiring which I really need.
The other thing I did was make towels for the half bath.  I had some soft thin flannel in pale lime green and cut it into towel sized pieces, folding and rolling so they filled the shelves.  If I can find a little basket I might put extra soap or lotion bottles on one shelf instead.
I'm a little sad the dots don't show too well on the white towels.  They're pink and green.

But those are my weekend accomplishments.  Not too bad considering... 

See you later!

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  1. I have that same brown paper in my stash. I'm waiting for the right room to turn it into a ceiling, though it does look nice as a backsplash.

    Good job on the cabinets, I love that shade of green. Smart idea to make a new countertop to increase the size of the island.