Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moving To the Second Floor and Downwards.

So a few days turned into a week or so.  Busy busy busy.  Run around in circles 'til I'm very very dizzy. 

Well, I'm not Cinderella but I have been busy.  And I've even accomplished a few things.  So let's see what I've gotten done huh?  We've got the second floor and the main floor down stairs to see today...even if we don't have stairs in the dollhouse, lets pretend, all right?

Second floor... This floor will also have wooden floors.  I think they'll work out very nicely.  A medium walnut wood tone.  Like so.

See?  Nice and pretty. 
I also put up some wallpaper in the hallway.  This is more scrapbook paper but I liked the blue tones, and it had an interesting pattern while still being to scale for the dollhouse.

Here's another picture from a slightly different angle, give you a better idea of how the pattern will look down the hallway.

A little easier to see the pattern right?
I was really pleased with it.  Of course I still had to do the library/study and the bathroom as well as the master bedroom.

So first up... The Library/Study.  More stripes in the dark tones...but that looks good right?  Very masculine. Which is pretty good considering the bedroom is in blue and white.

This is the view from the front bay window area. 
I took another from a different angle, it gives you a slightly better look at the pattern.   See?  I think it looks really good with the doors and door frames. And a nice contrast with the floor too.  Not all matchy matchy.

It's mostly dark green with some dark gold and mahogany red.

And next on the list is the master bedroom.  I don't have a lot up here except the wallpaper and floors.  The ceiling is up but its just more plaster paper.  It has a nice textured look but see how pretty the wallpaper is with the light coming in the windows?

It really reminds me of my bedroom growing up.
I think this picture might show the walls and ceiling a bit better.  What do you think?

Still needs baseboards and crown moldings.  I'm working on it I swear.
Next is something I'm really proud of.  I think this room turned out the best so far.  Maybe because it's actually looking semi-finished? 

Ta Da!  The bathroom.
It's not easy to see, but its a linen textured scrapbook paper on the upper walls.  The floor and lower walls are in a white octagon tile.  And I stained the chair rail to match the door and door frame.  It'll fit the bathroom set in nicely I think.  Can't wait to see how it looks when its all finished. 

Here's a slightly different angle. 

Not too bad right? 

If I was smart I would have figured out a way to make the entire second floor in blue tones.  But the library didn't want to cooperate.

However, in the picture above you get a little sneak peak of the main floor.  Which I will fill you on now. 

I mentioned the marble paper?  Right?  Well you would not believe how long it took me to get it measured and pasted down with the borders around the rooms.  Especially in the dining room.  For-Ev-Er. Seriously.

The front hall and part of the dining room.
Seriously.  I really was going crazy with those borders.  And making sure I had enough room for the walls to slide in between the floors.  See?  That bay window area?  I really was going nuts.  Ask my husband. He'll vouch for me.

It looks decent I think but OMG that took time!

Here's the parlor/living room.  Slightly easier than the goofy shaped dining room.

See? Square.  Not nearly as hard to deal with.
And I did managed to get a few other things done.  But I'm going to save those for next week. 

Right now I'm feeling seriously impressed with these floors.  They're nicer than the ones in my own house.  My husband is always very impressed when ever he looks at the house.  He's nice like that.

But, next week, wallpaper for the living room, and hallway.  And trim!  And hopefully wallpaper in the dining room.

But I got some preemptive staining done and door frames cut and stained for my dining room and parlor doorways. 

Here they are unstained: 

See?  They fit pretty nicely around the doorway don't they?

So I stained those and also got all the trim for the upstairs windows stained as well.  No pictures of those though.  But they're the same color as the doors so use your imaginations folks.

I need to measure out my cuts and get those sawed down so I can trim the upstairs windows inside. 

By the way? Any ideas for what I can use as curtain rods?  I'm figuring O-rings that screw into the walls to hang them up but for the rods themselves?  I've got nothing. 

See you next week.  Hope you liked all the progress I made this time around.

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