Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finally Getting Somewhere

So today I have about two weeks worth of work to show you.  There was the fun of getting the floors in and putting up some wallpaper.  I also stained all my doors I'd bought.  I've got six of them.  They turned out pretty nicely.  See?

See?  Nice stain they call Black Cherry.  That sounds yummy to me.
I also glued on the doorknobs I'd bought.  They had some at the miniature site I like.  They reminded me of the house I grew up in with glass door knobs.

I had to use the glue gun to put them on.  It doesn't look great but its not awful.

The first room I decided to work on was what I'm calling the servant's quarters.  You don't usually invest a lot in a nice room for the people who work for you, or at least I don't think you did during the Victorian age so no wallpaper here.

I used the same paint that I did for the outer walls of the house, that pretty pale blue and then got some watered down white paint to put over it.  It gives it a semi whitewashed appearance and a little color at the same time.

I painted the ceiling white and put the floor down, some pretty red oak before adding the door.  The oak flooring was really cool stuff you can cut with scissors but its actual wood.  A really thin veneer.

Then I got the furniture I picked out and filled up the room.  It doesn't look too bad does it?  They've even got a hurricane lamp on the hand me down dresser.

Its not very easy to see the color on the walls.  Everything sort of looks the same doesn't it.
I need to make them some proper bedding, I bought some small print fabric and I'll make some mattresses like I've seen for sale on Ebay.  But I figured semi beat up old brass beds, a straight back rocker and a broken vanity were about right.

Next was the little girls room.  She was a bit more complex, flooring, wallpaper and a plaster ceiling.  But she is the daughter of the house after all.

So I used the same red oak flooring, and then cut out the wallpaper... I have new respect for what my mom went through when she put wallpaper up in my room.  OMG so not easy to do.

See? It should be pretty nice once its done.
The plaster ceiling came in a roll of paper and it wasn't easy to get measured with a ceiling that was a smaller area than the floor, thanks to the slanted walls.

You can see my hi-tech method for getting the edges to stick.  Binder clips are my friends.
The wrinkles in the wallpaper go away after the glue dries apparently, though no system is perfect.

Finally I got the door in and set her up with furniture.  No windows so she has a lamp too, nice even light.

The bedding will get added to eventually, I've got some really lovely fabric in pink that will be nice.
I need to cover the vanity stool with some cloth to change it from red velvet but here's another shot with the door.  I did also notice that the rug seems to catch on the floor a bit.  I bought some finish and I might use that on the floors to make them slick and shiny.  After I figure out what else I need to do.

The next step was the attic hallway.  I didn't have wallpaper picked out for it.  But I got the ceiling painted white and then looked through my scrapbook paper for some paper that would look nice next to a room with green wallpaper.  The flooring was the same, red oak.  Easy to put down too, use rubber cement and you're all set.  I liked that a lot.

The trick with the hallway was the walls were all fixed, and I didn't have any spare walls to use as a measurement.  So there was a lot of cutting and cursing and cutting again.  But it all worked out.  I don't even really see the seams along the long walls.

See?  I did this before I glued the doors.  Obviously. 
I'll show you all the pretty things I did with the second floor in a couple of days.

Hope you are all having a great week.

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