Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Dollhouse... Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Phase One - Getting intimidated and then annoyed...and resigned.

So today as a means of distraction I unboxed the dollhouse and oh boy... there are a lot of parts.  There are parts and pieces and then bags of both.  Its fairly intimidating.  Really figured most of what I needed would be in the box though.  I was half right.

Here are some pictures...they'll give you an idea of what I'm dealing with.

So here are some of the pieces.
And a few more...notice the big piece? That's part of the problem.
Oh, and the instructions nothing too confusing right?
So lots of pieces... they tell you what type of glue you should use.  Very helpful.  But the instructions... they tell you to pre-punch three holes in each of the grooves...

So I look.  There are no holes to punch out... you know something to indicate where the holes go or that they're punchable... (not a word probably but you get the idea).

So it seems like I need a drill...or bits because I've got a power drill but no bits for it, only screwdriver heads.  So that's problem one.

Notice the second sheet of paper under the first, the one with the bigger version of the house?  Yeah, that's the addition that came along with the house.

But looking at the big piece at the top... the one I'm supposed to drill holes in...that's the inner wall of the addition.  Notice there are no doors cut into it.

That means I'm supposed to cut the doors in.  I'm pretty certain you need a saw to do that.  And not a regular hand saw.  I think I need what they call a jigsaw, the kind that has the really skinny blade and can cut very cool shapes if you need it to.  Not sure how expensive those are.  Probably have to price a few out before I go too much further with this project.

Part of me was tempted to just start putting things together and worry about holes and cutting doors later...but I know that doing something stupid now will make it harder to do everything right later.

So I sanded down the door and window openings on the pieces I have.  Looked everything over and figured out what I'll need to look at Home Depot for.  And now I'll have to put everything back in the boxes.

But this is a start right?  And at least its a distraction.  I need one this weekend.

Talk to you all soon.

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  1. This is a great start!! I can't wait to see how it all comes together.