Sunday, June 14, 2020

Finished the Roombox! And Started a New Project

First things first.  I added wood 'paneling' to the top and sides of the box.  And some purple patterned scrapbook paper to the back.  I stained the wood Dark Walnut.

I used corner molding to give it a finished look and then added a poly semi-gloss so dusting would be easier.

The wiring is hidden in the off-white book on the very end.

I added some magnets to hold it shut.

I also cat-knapped Boadicea (kinda punny) from the WQRC to be the Black Cat.  And took some pictures of how everything looks.


This is where it will live.  I'm excited to be done because I've got a new project.  I don't think it'll take me a huge long time, but I'm still very excited about it.

A few years back Keli sent me a gorgeous harpsichord.  And I knew I wanted to do a room box that was a music room.

Luckily I have plenty of kits that I can adapt.  So I grabbed the Serendipity Shed pieces I had.  I wanted to do a room with double French doors on the front.  Something that is easy to see inside.

Way back when Brae was working on her windmill she made a pair of beautiful embroidered stools.  I fell in love with them and snatched them up when she decided she wanted to use different colors and put them on Ebay.

This year my husband and I were both stricken by allergies during the month of May for most of the month.  In retrospect I can't really blame him. (He was lucky to remember the month.) But he forgot my birthday.

To make it up to me he encouraged me to bid until I won a gorgeous miniature grand piano on Ebay.

I found some pretty wallpaper that looks very nice with the cushion colors.

My plan is to have a false wall with shelves inset.  I'll do wainscoting with raised panels around the room.  I can put sheet music on them, possibly a violin or other small instruments or a metronome.

The plan is to have the wainscoting, doors and most of the wood trim painted white.  If I can manage it I'll do a 'plaster' ceiling again.  I'll look through my electrical stash for lights that would be appropriate for the formal look of the room.  I have a spinet coming and some rugs as well.

I'll need to turn the French doors around, so they open to the outside instead of inward, but that's not a big deal. I don't think?  We'll see.

I'm pretty excited, mostly because it's so simple but it's going to be fun and something just because.

How are all you doing?


  1. Hi Sheila. Congratulations on finishing another fantastic piece! The Poe study looks great - dark, rich, brooding, very atmospheric. And the music room will be fun. I am sure something quick and simple will be a nice project before starting anything big or detailed again. And I love the wallpaper. It is just right for a music room.

  2. It was a wonderful Edgar Poe project to follow and your work, as always was fantastic with stunning results, including the way you hid the lights control.
    I love your new project.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. It's always a gratifying feeling to be able to get a labour intensive project finished and I have TOTALLY enjoyed seeing how you have made this EAP book room into a classic Victorian study of Dark and Stormy Nights and moody references to Poe's stories that would have him and Vincent Price doing HIGH 5's in every corner!

    looking forward to following your new Music Room project too! :D

  4. What a great feeling it must be to have another incredible and successful Creatin' Contest project finished! And so soon! You have captured the atmosphere of many of Poe's writings so succinctly and made it easy for fans of his work to pick out supporting features and themes in the decor! And wrapping it all up in a row of books could not be more fitting! Excellent work, Sheila! I love it!
    And the new music room project with it's warm and lovely paper and white trim will be a nice change of pace to work on for the summer! You've already got some stellar pieces for the room, including Brae's amazing stools (so glad we got to see them again), so I can't wait to see the rest unfold!
    I am certainly no sexist, but I do think that testosterone has a negative impact on one's ability to remember dates. Good thing estrogen makes us so forgiving, lol! Happy Belated Birthday! 🎈🎈🎈

  5. Sheila,el estudio de Poe se ve fantástico,tal como pude imaginarlo,es muy realista y parece estar habitado,has creado el ambiente que describe en sus novelas!!!
    Me emociona tu nuevo proyecto,seguiré de cerca los avances!!

  6. Sheila, your roombox has become a true treasure, the atmosphere in the roombox is exactly right! All of your additions accentuate the interior in a very good way, all is well balanced and the colors strengthen even more the look. You've done and finished another amazing miniature roombox, chapeau!
    I love seeing that you've already started a new project, which looks promising. I love the colors, those beautifully embroidered stools of Brae, so stylish and elegant, and the wall paper fits so well to them.
    That your husband has forgotten your birthday....well, forgive him he was sick by allergies, that's no fun, as you know well yourself. But I wish I had a husband, who made it well up, as your husband did with you: that piano is truly a great gift!!
    And all of your plans for this new roombox sound to me "as music for my ears" ;O)!!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Sheila!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Sheila: I love the atmosphere you've created in your room box. It's absolutely perfect for your theme. Great job. I'm also excited about your music room - the room kit itself is lovely and it is already easy to see how beautiful it will be when completed. And a belated Happy Birthday to you. Did you know all the most special people were born in May?? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. - Marilyn D.

  8. First of all--I absolutely love Poe's room box. Every detail is just spot-on, and every time I look at the pictures I see something new. Second--your new project is wonderful, too. That harpsichord! What a stunning little piece. The piano is gorgeous, too--much nicer than the piano I had in my dollhouse growing up. 😊 I'm glad your husband kept making you bid. That will be a lovely little room. Looking forward to seeing it. (And happy belated birthday!)

  9. You have struck a wonderful balance between dark and light in Poe’s study. You’ve set a foreboding tone but it’s not so dark that the details are hidden in shadow. Well done, my friend.

    The music room looks fabulous, I’m ready to follow along :)

  10. Hi Sheila! I think you've accomplished a lot! The finishing touches on Poe's Library really tie it all together beautifully! I am glad you have a cat living there.... but I would be scared if I were Boadicea!... all alone with all those spooky things! The new project looks very exciting! The musical instruments you have look really fine! I look forward to watching this come together! (You don't let the dust settle do you!) :):)

  11. Your Poe´s roombox is very original and creative. I love the atmosphere you created, very well done!! I am also excited to follow your new project 😊

  12. You are incredible! Not only you have finished one project you are already woking on another one. Wow. :)
    Poe's room boc looks great. Everything is just perfect. I really love the books instead of furniture leg - you had a great idea with that.
    And the cat.
    The piano is wonderful.

  13. Your finished piece is amazing. So detailed and so carefully crafted. I am looking forward to the next journey. The piano is certainly an inspiration piece.