Thursday, April 2, 2020

Window Exterior Colors

I'm having a debate with myself.

I've seen a lot of room boxes with stained exterior trim for the windows.  Which I get, the box blends more with a shelf.  But I don't necessarily want it to blend into the shelf.  I want it to be a little house that happens to be made of books.

To that end, I can't have the color clashing with the books, but I don't want it to totally blend in either.

I painted my mullions black.  I'll add a gloss to them, maybe a semi-gloss.  And I painted the door black.

The paint colors go from left to right, Heavy Fog, Cloudy Day, Nautical, Grey Sky and Rainy Day

And here are the colors up against the door and windows.

I'm leaning towards a thin outline of the Nautical around the mullions and possibly a thin strip of it on the pediments.  And the rest I was thinking Cloudy Day because it has a touch of blue in it but it won't clash with the pale blue book that is next to the window and door.

This was my lunch break today as I worked from home.  I do not like working from home much.  A laptop does not compare to two screens and desk space at work.  Granted, getting to sleep later has been nice.  But I don't do well without an organized day (as all of you might have guessed from my lists and fixation on details).

So.  Opinions?


  1. Hi Sheila! I can relate to the workspace issues.... I love having my commute really short... but my desk is too small and I don't have my files... ! We will manage because it is safer this way!
    As for your trims... hmmm.... it is a tough choice. Too dark and they will disappear into the books... I kind of like the Rainy Day... possibly because it will stand out a bit as not the same color as any of the books. But give your ideas a try... I like the idea of the nautical as a thin edge. The fact that the books are all different gives it a "stripe-y" feeling to begin with. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :):)

  2. Hi Sheila, I have to say that I love the black mullions and the door. For the frames I like the Heavy Fog but perhaps it's because of the name as well as the colour.
    But if it isn't too much trouble, why not cut and paint some rough cardstock frames taped around the existing windows to see which effect you like best, because as Betsy has observed, you don't want the colour to compete too much with the stripe-y effect of the book spines.

  3. Hola Sheila! me gusta mucho el contraste de colores que has hecho en puerta,ventanas y marcos.En cuanto a la línea delgada que quieres añadir,me inclino por los mismos tonos que has pensado,náutico y día nublado.Pero Elizabeth te ha dado una buena idea con lo de hacer marcos de cartulina y probar con los diferentes colores,así te harás una idea muy real de cómo combinan!

  4. In combination of the black mullions and the door, I think you can put anyy color, because these are neutral. And if you don't want to blend in the book house into the shelf, you can try to give the paintwork some color. The Heavy Fog color seems to me a bit blueish, I can't see it well on the screen, or am I wrong? Next to the other neutral colors, this color would be an option..?
    The advise Elizabeth gives you, is something to try out: paint on cardstock to see if it will match.
    Regarding working from home is indeed not the most nice thing there is, my partner has also this sort of work, so working with two screens and the files (who aren't at home), is difficult, but we all have to deal with this in these strange times.
    Stay healthy, take care, dear friend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Difícil elección, y más en una foto, yo me decantaría por el gris nublado pero seguro que tu elección será la correcta.Buen día:-)

  6. Gosh Sheila, decisions, decisions... I like Elizabeth's suggestion of trying the colors on strips of card stock against the books to see how it works.
    I think, I lean towards the last two shades for the narrow trims, because they are the most neutral so won't clash with anything and at the same time the most contrast to the book spines and therefore give definition. On that note, old spines often have gilded lettering, have to considered using a golden tone for the narrow bits?
    Working (efficiently) from home takes to much practice - I have done so for some time now and still don't think I am very good at it. The main objective is though - to stay well and keep everyone else in our community well as well.
    Loving how this is coming along.
    Anna X

  7. When I used to work in an actual office my cubicle was always neat and organized. I was never able to take that sill home with me and find at home my desk is always littered with piles of things I have to get to. And I never seem to have enough space for minis. I find I fill my craft table and then spill over onto my card table, my desk and even the ottoman to my chair! I am over beating myself up in life though, so it's fine by me that I'm messy now. :O)
    I love the Cloudy Day and Nautical together, and I'd guess that since Baltimore is on the water and probably cloudy a lot, they're apropos. I am guessing the setting is Baltimore? I know Poe went to West Point but I doubt he had anything other than a dorm room there? Anyway, I think it will look great as you've described and the best thing when working on minis is just to have a plan and a direction so go for it!

  8. I am with Elizabeth's suggestion that you try the colors on strips of card against the books and then be able to make up your mind.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. First, let me say that I love reading your posts. You do just a great job of explaining your thoughts and I find myself looking forward to each new post. Love where this is going. You asked for an opinion on the colors, and I had two: a dark emerald green (which will blend with both the black and blue, but is distinctly different) or (my favorite) a gold (which not only matches your pages, but ties in the lettering on the book covers. If you are really married to the grey-blue theme (and I don't blame you, they all look great), I like the Nautical best. Can't wait to see where you end up - you consistently make good choices all on your own!!

  10. What a lovely bookhouse you're making!
    Have fun stay safe and healthy,
    groetjes van Marijke

  11. I really like the Cloudy day. :)
    Working at home isn't easy.